What can we say about Adam Sandler? For us, he is one of the best when it comes to all-out non-sense comedies. From Happy Gilmore to Big Daddy, the guy just knows how to make people laugh while actually making sense even in some odd-worldly fashion; he just has that magic innate in him. So actually, we actually expect something really, really spectacular from this film. The premise itself is classic Sandler; it just leaves you scratching your head in disbelief but actually leaves you craving for more and more. For months we anticipated for this film to come out and finally its here in our shores. So what's our verdict on the Zohan? Just read and find out.

The film's plot is to put it in simpler terms, wacky. Zohan is an ubermensch-type Israeli spy. Think Chuck Norris but even better and even stronger; he is a one man wrecking machine. Unbeknownst to many though, this superhuman being is actually into hair. No not that he ahs a fetish for smelling hair but being a hair stylist to be specific at that. Now, Zohan, wanting to stop fighting in the 2,000 year war of Israel, plots to play dead and go to America to live his dreams to work alongside Paul Mitchell.

Well, the movie itself, as you can surmise is very creative. The plot itself is magnificent and priceless. Who could have thought up of this anyway? Well, after the wonderful plot, it all came crashing down. What happened you may ask? For one, it was too sexed-up. Most of the film's scenes has some sexual innuendo in it; for crying-out-loud, even cutting hair was turned into a sex-fest. If we wanted to watch a comedy that was all about sex and being racially-unfair, we could have just watched Borat! Ultimately, its jokes could sell for some but it could actually go the other way also. Second and maybe the dagger in the heart for this film is that we know Adam Sandler could have done more for this film. Some may say that this is the old Adam Sandler, having a film that was in-your-face and no-nonsense at best. Yes, this maybe is the classic Sandler, but we know that for several years now, Sandler has matured into a different kind of actor and comedian. He could mix in-your-face with seriousness and with laughter as easily as one can shoot a fish in a bucket of water. Just look at Click!; now that is truly a Sandler masterpiece.

So literally in the end, catching one from the film's title, we could say that we should not have messed with the Zohan. But mostly for the wrong reasons and not the right ones.

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the plot is just brilliant.
- if you're green-minded, this is your kind of comedy.
- classic Sandler in the house!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you're as innocent as Mother Theresa, avoid like the plague!
- ironically, it was too shallow for us.

Posted on 8/4/08 10:45PM


  1. waaa gusto ko mapanood to! ^^

    salamat ngpla sa visit! race tau sa CK sometime he3

    Pinoy Gaming World

  2. ahaha sure sure!!! where do get to download that game?

  3. you can download the game @ the Crazy Kart Website

    my IGN there is "Z1". see ya there and happy racing! ^^

  4. I like your review. But even though you kinda gave the film a thumb down sign, I'd still watch it just for the sake of watching Adam Sandler.

    I love the guy. He's one of the best comedians and goof balls in Hollywood today. And so far I've found his movies entertaining. I liked Click the most.