Eagle Eye: Movie Review

Everything you wish to see in an action film you’ll surely find in Eagle Eye. The movie is literally packed with the exciting car chases and actions scenes from start to finish and yet it leaves you terribly unsatisfied. We wondered what may have been missing. Is it the lack of romantic element or is the implausible happenings left and right that is even too much for an unrealistic Hollywood movie? We can keep guessing all day long but the movie could actually pull through because of the hang at the edge of your seats, mind-blowing, non-stop action.

Jerry and Rachel, both having no connections with each other, suddenly gets a mysterious phone call from a woman threatening them to do their bidding because they have been "activated". They are both terrified as the woman threatens to kill them and their loved ones unless they do peculiar tasks that will keep viewers guessing who the woman is and what she really is up to. It turns out that Jerry Shaw may not have been randomly activated after all. In the end, the lives of the whole executive department and the future of the country is in the hands of these two strangers.

The movie could have been better but we just don’t know how what else to change or add. We couldn’t ask for better action scenes from an action movie but we are just puzzled where it went wrong. Our best guess is that the action scenes were too long. They could have improved the story more so they could make the movie more realistic or more interesting or hell, probably it was just the ending. Writers must always remember that the biggest KABOOM! or KABLAM! does not make a great movie. SPOILER ALERT: Come on, the “eye” that was supposedly so powerful was destroyed so easily. How could it have been so threatening when in fact, it could be defeated with a measly metal stick? SPOILER ENDS HERE. Well, you’re guess is as good as ours.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- Great action movie!

- Highly entertaining

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- Too unrealistic!

- Weak ending, it’ll leave you dissatisfied



  1. We thought this was pretty good for a sci-fi themed thriller. I doubt it would stand up to a second viewing, but if you didn't know much about the plot going in, it was a fun ride.

  2. Hi Fitzy!

    Thanks for your input! I guess different people have different tastes!

    Hope to here form you again soon!:)

  3. Hi,
    Superb review. Over all, if you can get past the language which I really struggle with especially when considering letting my teenager watch the film. On the other hand, Eagle Eye is a film that most husbands will want to see, and most likely just as many wives who will enjoy watching it. Just make sure the little ones are in bed and the older ones get a good language discussion.