My Best Friend's Girl: Movie Review

Honestly, the romantic-comedy genre has been really struggling and waning. It has been months since we last saw a really decent flick in this cliched genre. Can the team-up of Dane Cook and Jason Biggs (plus the special guesting of Alec Baldwin) really be the saving grace for that mellow yet ticklish bone in all of us? Just to make things clear, we seriously and again, seriously doubt it.

The movie starts of by introducing us to Tank (Dane Cook). He is a typical yet charismatic dude with an unusual sideline slash hobby; he fixes relationships. But hey, this is no Mister Hitch around the block. He is the exact opposite and he helps not those hopeless romantics but those infidel men that just could not hold their horses. He actually "fixes" things by being an a-hole date to the girl and eventually the girl will go to the arms of her former lover or even her suitor. The ball rolls off when Tank's cousin and best friend (Jason Biggs) is hopelessly in love with his office mate (Kate Hudson). Tank tried to be that a-hole date to help his cousin but eventually, both Tank and the girl fall in love with each other. So the real question for all of us to ponder about is who will get the girl, Tank or his cousin?

For the verdict, we find it just an utter disappointment in every way. The story? It had potential but it was poorly-written and low and behold, its only saving grace, the ending, was a big bummer and a head-scratcher. As for the script, if we wanted to watch a movie full of sexual innuendos and profanities, we would have watched Borat or Zohan instead. Well what could we have expected with Dane Cook anyway and a guy named Jason Biggs who got his fame when he stuck up a hot pie in his you-know-what. It didn't help also that there were a lot of cuts made in this movie. Thanks MTRCB! At least we know you guys are doing you're jobs but can we please at least try to cut movies more professionally? This movie tried to be in the big leagues but in the end, a very ridiculous and insensitive script with a haphazardly written story just shattered the cajones of this film. Please, just like the golden rule of never, ever stealing your Best Friend's lover, just avoid this film?

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- it has some of its bright moments although most of it is just forgettable
- if you like sexual connotations and profanities in your comedy, you just might like this one

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- be ready to be mesmerized and confused by the weird, rushed ending
- very "adult" and insensitive film
- CUTS galore baby!
- ironically, it was not that funny at all



  1. The rom-com is far from dead. Try watching Definitely,Maybe from earlier this year.

  2. Hi!

    Yes will surely try Definitely, Maybe. I think Vit has watched it already. Thanks for the great advice there. :)

    Hope to see you comment again!