Body of Lies: Movie Review

Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in an action film? Now that just spells success right? With that in mind, Body of Lies is surely going to be one over-hyped film. Could DiCaprio and Crowe really make this film one of the best action/thrillers ever or will it be just another ordinary, run-of-the-mill flick that everyone watches once then forgets forever?

The film is centered on the character of Roger Ferris played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Roger is a CIA agent having an operation mostly in and around the Middle East. Roger is particularly trying to bring down and capture Al Salim who is currently terrorizing Europe. During his operations, Roger teams up with the Jordanian Secret Intelligence led by Hani Salaam. In time, Roger has to balance his relationship with Hani and with his boss in the CIA, Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe) or risk having his operation fail utterly. Things get more complicated as Roger falls in love with a nurse named Aisha while in Jordan.

For the movie, we found it rather disappointing. Not much on the acting or the cinematography or even the story itself but more so on the development of the plot. Leonardo and Russell Crowe just brought their A-Game here. You could really hate the naive and kiddy attitude of Russell Crowe's character while you can just feel the frustration of Roger Ferris as his boss just won't stop bugging him in his missions. As for the story, it's somewhat conventional but it has some surprises of its sleeves as well. Ultimately for us, the film was just too slow and too many to digest for one movie. A lot of concentration is needed to really get what's going on and what's happening with the plot; but that's just us. Some people may like these kind of films but it is just not our thing.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- has a very, very deep plot.
- Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe both acted well.
- has a realistic, gritty feel to it.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- very slow in some parts.
- might be too heavy for some.
- it's just a bit complicated and people will easily get lost in this one.

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