Mutant Chronicles: Movie Review

Honestly speaking, we never seen or even heard of Mutant Chronicles. It is something that just sprout out of nowhere on cinemas everywhere. We can't remember if it was even tried to be marketed by its publisher here. Sad to say though, after watching it, most people would have wanted it that way or even wanting to never ever have heard it or seen it in the first place.

The story starts on the Year 2707 and the Earth is now owned by four separate corporations. These four factions have been fighting an endless war for years just so they can gather as much land and resources as they can. One of these battles on a border between the two of the four corporations in Europe opens up an ancient seal and ultimately unleashes something else. Soon enough, the border and the Earth is consumed by mutants who are uber-zombies at best. People leave Earth for Mars but a brother (Ron Perlman) from the ancient brotherhood who holed up that "thing" ages ago believes he is the savior prophecized in their teachings that will stop the "thing" once again. He gathers soldiers from the different factions to battle hoping to stop once and for all the abomination that is driving humanity into extinction.

The movie was just forgetabble at best. First and foremost, the graphics and cinematics used was just ineffective. We know the producers tried to use CGI and 3D to enhance the steampunk look but they utterly failed in that department. Instead, the movie just looked liked a B-movie zombie flick. They could have used some tips from the artists of 300 on how to magnificently transform CGI into wonderful backdrops that could have enhanced this film. Some may say, well what about the story, the acting; you know, the nitty gritty of a film? Well the acting was just plain normal at best and even Sir John Malkovich was so under used in this. The characters just failed to show the right emotions at the right time. It really felt like watching amateur hour when we saw them. As for the story, it was just out-of-this-world to put it simply. It's so different from the usual zombie flick that it was just as bad than a normal one, even worse. Too much creativity there on the story department. Oh well, Mutant Chronicles in the end is more of mutation than a masterpiece.

Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you like non-sense zombie action, this one's for you
- if you are a B-movie fanatic

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- very poor acting
- very weird storyline and plot
- CGI Graphics just utterly fail to show a futuristic, steampunk world
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