Pineapple Express: Movie Review

The movie Pineapple Express is simply such a surprise in our country, literally. To date, we only know of one cinema house showing this film (in Greenbelt 3 Makati) and its looking like it will stay that way. Such a sad fate for this film as everything in it is just 100% perfection that it is just maddening why no one bothered to spread this film around the country, hell, even the around Metro! Did the distributors for this flick high on drugs when they decided to limit it to a single theater? Hobnestly, they totally missed out on this one. Anyway, if you still have not notice how happy and amazed we are on this film, here's our take on Pineapple Express.

The movie stars your average guy Dale Denton (Seth Rogen from Knocked Up) and his drug dealer Saul Silver (James Franco). All was normal for Dale as he was handing out subpoena's to people as his job and visiting to his 18 year old girlfriend in school until he bought the Pineapple Express from Saul. From there on, everything else goes crazy as Dale needs to hand out a subpoena to a certain Ted Jones and while smoking some Pineapple Express outside Ted's house, witnesses a murder by a lady cop and Ted. Ted, being the overall drug lord of Saul, recognizes the taste of the Pineapple Express left by Dale as he was on a panic to get out of the murder scene. Dale and Saul goes on a wild adventure as they try to avoid getting caught by Ted.

We never thought a film like this would actually be this good. Everything in it was done perfectly. It's just amazing how we cannot think of one single thing that is not good about this film. Hey, maybe it was the lack of hype and anticipation but it worked! The plot, albeit somewhat basic and devoid of twists and turns, just works for a film like this. They totally balanced the mindless (like the "Blank" Movie films) from being too serious that it's not funny anymore. The acting was perfect as well. Seth Rogen being well...Seth Rogen (it works for him just being himself) and props to our man James Franco! James can be serious and he just showed us he can be the utter opposite as well.

As the film describes the wonder drug the Pineapple Express as the rarest of its kind, the movie with the same name is as rare as that drug when it comes to comedy films in its genre. It just leaves you wanting more, laughing out loud and leave the cinema without a care for the world. Just looking back, this is like taking drugs (What the?!!?). This movie might not be for the kids (as it is quite violent and the topic is kind of for adult only; it has an R18 rating from the MTRCB) but for everyone else, our advice is to head down to GB3 and just go watch it and be amazed okay?

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- it's probably one of the best and creative comedic films for the longest time.
- James Franco in a comedy??!!? You got to see it to believe it!
- well-thought lines and jokes.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you are a kid. Honestly, we can't think of a reason why you will not like this.

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