Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Movie Review

Most often than not, the second film in most sequels is not as good as the first film. The second movie based on the books by Ann Brashares isn’t an exception. We absolutely loved the first but we felt that the second film did not establish much of a connection to its audience. The reason for this is we think is that they tried to equally showcase the things that happened to all four characters but they failed to generate real excitement. One or two of the character’s stories stood out while the rest was just simply dragging. Another reason why it is dragging is probably that they squished three books (Books Two to Four) in one movie. There are a lot of things that will happen and all of it will leave viewers feel sick and tired; literally making them want the movie to end already. Just a caution, concentrate, don't blink or else you'll miss a lot!

All four girls just finished their first year of college and unfortunately, they are again spending the summer apart. Bridget is on an archeological trip to Turkey where she tries discovers herself and dig for the truth while Carmen is in Vermont to take part on a play wherein she surprisingly becomes one of the lead characters accidentally. Tibby on the other hand breaks up with her boyfriend after a pregnancy scare and finally Lena starts to move on from her failed relationship with Kostos as she falls for an art student and model in her class.

The movie would definitely appeal to its target audience, mostly teenagers and females and we warn the guys to try to stay away from this movie (Like any guy would dare watch this with his friends!). It was definitely enjoyable to watch the wholesome image and good chemistry from the four casts of the film. Props to Amber Tamblyn who plays Tibby as she showed exceptional acting. But we can definitely say that it is a far cry from the first film. This one simply showed too much and yet it puzzles us why despite showing a lot, the movie was still really boring. Think of this movie as a poor man's Sex and the City movie. Everything in it is, to put it bluntly, of a lower level. Less adult theme, less the execution, less the drama and less the fun. In short, better watch Sex and the City instead than this poorly executed flick.

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- If you’re a fan of Ann Brashares and her famous series

- When you’re with your girlfriends! The friendship is just like wholesome Sex and the City

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- If you love watching action, suspense films

- If you can’t stand teeny boper films

- if you are a guy NOT in a relationship



  1. honestly, i did not read the entire review because i'm planning on watching the movie (not in the cinema though) and i don't want to be spoiled :)

    i'm not expecting something great about this movie actually. the only reason i'm watching it is because of Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn. i'm a big fan of the two and i miss seeing them on TV. with the rating you gave, i'm glad i did not bother to watch this last Saturday. ang mahal pa man din ng sine ngayon. hehehe.

  2. Mighty reviewers you may be, I think in this case you've missed it. I actually think that this movie is better than Sex and the City (post and pre-mtrcb mutilation). This has more laughs than SATC, whose best gag was a poop joke about Mexico. This was carried not by designer labels and but the actresses and the characters themselves. It has an authenticity and warmth that was sorely missing in the demographic obsessed SATC lacked.

    Your review is trite and predictable. Dont see it if you're a guy. Watch it with your girlfriends. That is simply stating people expectations, care to share other thoughts on the material? There is no commentary on the reality and complexity of the relationships in the film.. which is the very crux of it.

    Movies are first and foremost about stories, even if they crammed too much story into this one.

  3. Hi Chorva!

    Actually there are no spoilers in our review but anyway, hope you could give your take if ever you had the chance to watch it already :)

    As for movie prices, yeah! It's really expensive nowadays! Lucky for us Vit has a movie pass. We're actually worried even right now if ever her 1 year pass will not get renewed. We will have to literary break our banks if ever we opt to continue the way we're going at the moment!

    BTW, thanks for the comment!:)

  4. Hi anonymous!

    This is Jed commenting at the moment. Hopefully you could give your name next time :)

    As for the review itself, Vit actually wrote the bulk of it and I wrote some of the SATC parts. Both of us agreed after watching it that it was really dragging and boring and maybe that was what really brought this movie down for us.

    We totally agree with the "crux" of the movie being the deep relationships of these four girls (both with their families, other friends and within their own group)but as all movies goes, this is only a single part in the creation of a film. A story itself does not really save a movie if its badly done in its other aspects. It can have a big effect on a movie itself but it is not the saving grace for a film. Its execution was really poor. There were parts that were really good but most of the it was really poorly-executed. Again, this is probably to the 3 Books being crammed into one film which makes us wonder why they did it in the first place.

    Anyway, we can't please everyone. As the cliche goes, we all have our own opinions. We just write what we honestly think about a film and that's that. Some will like this movie while some may not. That's why we gave it a 2.5 rating in the first place since it can be a 50-50 chance for anyone. We just appreciate that you gave your input and you honest opinion on our review. It's a rare occasion for us to get comments more so which oppose what our review says. Thanks, since it will help us become more effective in the long run.

    Hope to hear from you soon okay? Thanks again!:)