The Strangers: Movie Review

The premise of the The Strangers is about "strangers" that come knocking late at night, hence the title, and the trailer was enough to give us the creeps. Upon watching the movie, we realized one thing: the movie’s plain objective is to just scare the viewers and that's just about it folks! They only wanted the audience to jump off their seats from the suspense filled sound effects and heart pounding scenes. If you want about an hour and a half of tense scenes and screaming, this movie is perfect for you. Everyone else looking for a deeper screamer like the Saw series, please avoid like the plague.

The movie started by informing the audience that the movie is inspired by true events. Creepy and intriguing right? James and Kirsten just came from a wedding of a friend and they return to James’ family summer home. Unfortunately, both of them are not in the mood as Kirsten just denied James to be her fiance. Suddenly, as both we comforting each other, a girl comes knocking at the door and looking for a Tamara. That’s when the nightmare begins. They become targets of three creepily masked strangers who wants to play hide and seek and to torture these random victims.

Over-all, what can we say about the movie? First is that it successfully achieved its overall goal; to terrify the audience. There was a lot of screaming inside the movie house (we’re sure they’re mostly from girls) and the tense atmosphere was sustained all throughout the movie. Second is like we said before, you really won’t get anything from it. Maybe it entertained us but if you are looking for a good narrative from a horror movie, definitely avoid this one. Third is that this movie for us is a weaker version of “Vacancy” that came out last year. The two movies seem to have a similar theme and we can’t help but compare. We don’t exactly recommend this film but it might be fun if you’ll watch it with your group of friends.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:

-If you want to scream and feel paranoid after the movie

-If you want to feel the Halloween spirit and there are no other scary films that are currently showing

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- If you are looking for a story, you won’t get it from this movie

- If you become easily paranoid from movies you see, avoid The Strangers

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