Tropic Thunder: Movie Review

Tropic Thunder. This is probably the most hyped-up yet unknown movie this year. Well that is that it was not promoted that well here in the Metro. We haven't heard from it until recently and we only got a glimpse of Tropic Thunder in the jungle we call the Interweb. No trailers, no movie posters until very very recently (tell us if we are wrong about this one okay? :P) and yet we cannot stop ourselves looking up to this film and not just be amazed. Black, Stiller, Downey Jr. and even Cruise; that's just smells success without even having a story or a plot to begin with. Well let's see if Tropic Thunder will live up to its hype and to its super star-studded cast or will jungle fever bring it down hard to its knees?

Tropic Thunder has a plot that is full of twists and turns, literally. The movie's setting is not actually on the Vietnam War era but actually on the present day. It's a movie but not a movie figuratively. It is actually a-making-of a movie. Got confused? Well that's part of the charm honestly. Five actors and a rookie director have been converged by a super rich bad-ass to create a film-based on a Vietnam War book. Things do not go smoothly and the film has been delayed for months only on its first few days. The film has already been tagged as "The Most Expensive Movie Never Made" and the director is in dire straits to finish the film in only four days. So he devices a plan to leave the five, stubborn and egotistical actors in the jungle on their own so he could actually get the raw feeling of emotions and danger on film. Things do not go as planned as instead of having to fight fake enemies, the actors end up fighting real rebels and real guns.

As for the movie, we found it quite amazing. it was not a reason to bomb the story by having a star-studded cast. Hell No! They literally made a classic in this one and honestly, they really outdid themselves. The story was full of surprises and it was not predictable at all. From the "trailers" and the advertisement for Booty Sweat and to its finish, you will be blown away. What you will think and what you will expect to happen next won't happen. As for the comedy, well props to everyone. It was really funny and the jokes were just right. Well it was not all perfect for this one though as some scenes became dragging. But that is the only quirk we can really think of. Tropic Thunder is an utter success. It was amazing that they pulled this off. We never imagined how they could make this one really funny and really enjoyable but they did. This is the one of the best comedy films we have seen so far this year.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise. Nuff' Said!
- Has a unpredictable plot and off your seats story
- Really funny! Now this is comedy!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- Some parts maybe dragging.
- Parental Guidance please!



  1. i so can't wait to watch this! :D three of the best (and funniest, yes RDJ is one hell of a funny man too as you witnessed) actors around. sayang lang i was busy last weekend pero hindi ko talaga to palalampasin next weekend :D

    thanks for the review :)

  2. hi chorva!

    thanks for another wonderful comment!

    we're sure you're going to enjoy this movie! :P

    by the way, we're planning something for this blog in the near future!

    watch out for it! :)

  3. > by the way, we're planning something for this blog in the near future!

    uy, ka-excite! :D