The House Bunny: Movie Review

We love Anna Farris from her previous films and we were excited to see that she will once again star in this chick-flick entitled The House Bunny. Judging from the trailer itself, we thought that it would be an inferior version of Legally Blonde. We also absolutely hate the movie poster, I mean a lot of people judge if they would see a movie or not just by the movie poster alone and the poster for this one is absolutely uncreative. Could Anna Farris pull this movie off or would this be another low-end comedy that you wish you hadn’t wasted your money on?

Shelley was an orphan who had finally found a home in the playboy mansion. She has become one of the most popular bunnies, with a chance of making it into centerfold for November’s issue. However, she gets kicked out of the mansion after her 27th birthday that’s why she finds herself homeless once again. She stumbles upon the Zeta sorority house full of the school’s outcasts that would soon be shut down if they don’t get thirty pledges. She signs up to be their house mother and gives everyone makeovers that would eventually change the whole Zeta image and will make them one of the top choices for a sorority house.

The movie was surprisingly good. Anna Farris is not exactly known for the quality of her films but this movie may be her best so far. It is absolutely entertaining and funny, with lovable and amusing characters. The movie isn’t exactly original as it is even quite predictable. Nonetheless, it is perfect for those who would want to just sit back and be entertained for two solid hours. We warn you as it is a perfect example of a chick-flick but we’re sure that even guys would enjoy watching this film.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it

- Very entertaining

- Who wouldn’t love Anna Farris? Plus you’ll see lots of beautiful chicks in this movie too

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- Too shallow for the serious ones

- Avoid this one if you want a movie with a great story

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