Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: Movie Review

Who remembers "The Wild"? We bet our money that at least more than half of our readers would be stump to even know that a CGI-movie came out with that title. Who's fault was it anyway you may ask? Well, there's no one to blame but Madagascar 2's predecessor, Madagascar. Both films showcased almost the same set of animals, with almost the same setting and amazingly almost the same plot as well. Who checks plagiarism in our movies anyway? In the end, the Disney-made movie (which was developed and made for the longest time) became a total flop and a waste of time while Madagascar, as we all know, stole the show. Can Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa make a repeat of its grand daddy's success? Well, Let's see!

Madagascar 2's plot is a continuation of the first film's plot. To make a short recap of the first film, animals from the New York Zoo escape and terrorize the Big Apple. After they are finally controlled, people decided that they should be shipped off to Africa but instead, the ship gets lost when it hits a storm and the animals land in Madagascar. The second film starts off with the animals planning to go back to New York using an old rundown plane. Unfortunately for them, the plane runs out of fuel and they crash land in Africa. Surviving the crash, the animals set off and discover that Africa is truly their home. The film tackles the struggles, difficulties and joys of these animals as they discover another aspect of their lives. The film also takes a look at the past of Ben Stiller's character, Alex the Lion.

For the movie, it left as satisfied and wanting more. The jokes were really good and honestly, the plot was well-written. The voice acting was A-class as well. The only problem we really saw in this one is that it's just too normal. There is nothing much really that makes it truly memorable or that can make it surpass Madagascar 1. But all in all, it would not be a mistake for people to watch this film, even for those who are mature at heart.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the film has a deep plot; not just for the kids!
- really funny
- one of the final ode's for Sir Bernie Mac

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- may be too corny for some
- is not much different to the first film; which may be a good thing actually

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