My Only U: Movie Review

Cathy Garcia-Molina. She is the director of "My Only U" and no doubt she is a hit maker for Star Cinema and the Philippine Romance genre. You might not know this but she is actually the director for "One More Chance" and "A Very Special Love". Both of these flicks were not only blockbusters nationwide but also had some meat and quality in them; and that's saying a lot when you are talking about Philippine Cinema. So honestly, we really expect a lot from "My Only U". Will Cathy Garcia-Molina make it a wonderful hat trick with "My Only U"? Well, let's find out!

The story of My Only U starts off with a superstitious twist. Winona (Toni Gonzaga) believes that her family has a curse; that no one in her mother's family can live beyond 25 years. It happened to her brother, her mother, her grandmother, you get the drift. Her 25th birthday is only a few days away and she is expecting to die. Her admirer and secret lover, Bong (Vhong Navarro) is now going to stop at nothing to prevent anything to happen to Winona. In the ensuing chaos, Winona "sees" how Bong loves her and Bong on the other hand learns to "tell" Winona of his love.

For the verdict, the film was awesomely good for 90% of the time but sadly though, the last 10% was more of a disappointment. The plot was well, very weird to say the least. We don't believe much in superstitions but in the end they pulled it off. The chemistry between Vhong and Toni went beyond the rather out-of-this-world plot (that some people might actually liken to something refreshingly new). The cinematography was really good too. You have got to see the walking sequence of Vhong Navarro while he was in a sad and depressed state; it was just amazing! The breaker for us for this film was the rather lackluster ending. Everything else was good but they could have really written a better ending for this one. Let's just say they went too much for the cheery side rather than let the sad emotions flow out. Does a romantic comedy really have to end with a happy ending? We don't think so! But in the end, this movie is still worth the pay. It will leave you laughing and crying most of the time!

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the cinematography was really good.
- Vhong and Toni amazingly have some chemistry between them.
- really good comedy.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- very superstitious premise.
- it's predictable.
- the ending was really make or break adn they broke it big time.



  1. i'm actually planning on seeing this one. unlike Star Cinema's last movie, this i think is way better than that KC-Richard over-hyped movie. i'm not a toni and/or vhong fan but i find both actors really good, or maybe because they make people laugh that's why i like watching them.

    thanks for the review and yes i agree with you, not all movies should have a happy ending. i guess takot sila how the audience will receive it in case kaya ganon.

    looking forward to watching My Only U :)

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  3. Hi Chorva!

    Hope you liked the movie!

    Maybe you could follow up on what you felt about the film! :P

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  5. will do, Jed and Vit :)