Nights in Rodanthe: Movie Review

The movie is another adaptation from the best selling novel from Nicolas Sparks. We’ve seen a lot of movies based on Sparks’ novels like Message in a Bottle, The Notebook and Walk to Remember. We know Sparks’ novels are brilliant but most novels that are made into film aren’t exactly as good as when you are reading it. The movie looks promising as Richard Gere-Dianne Lane chemistry has proven to work as this is now their third film. Could this movie be another brilliant Sparks adaptation and an excellent Gere-Lane team-up or would we just wish that they should never have turned the novel into a movie?

Richard Gere plays the role of Dr. Paul Flanner who rents an inn in North Carolina where he meets Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane), the keeper of the inn for that weekend. Both needed the time to think about their problems, Paul is in town to meet up with the widower of a patient that died while he was operating on her while Adrienne is confused if she would take her husband back after hurting her and being unfaithful. The two find comfort in each other and spends unforgettable days in the breath-taking inn by the beach.

Some may not like watching two 40something year olds fall in love but Gere and Lane made the scenes bearable. Their chemistry is still there and there is no question about their acting. But the movie was very disappointing. The two actors could have had better script or material in which they can work on. The movie ran a solid one hour forty plus minutes but it could have ended after one hour and fifteen minutes because they had nothing to show anymore. It’s just sad because the adaptation was so poorly made that it lacked the emotional punch that Sparks’ fans may be looking for.

Rating: 2 2nad a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- If you are a huge Nicolas Sparks fan

- If you want to see the beautiful helicopter shots of the inn and the beach

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- If you’ve seen Nicolas Sparks films, you’ll know they aren’t exactly feel good movies

- Poorly written and lacked material

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