Quantum of Solace: Movie Review

And yet welcome to another James Bond film. Quantum of Solace is the 22nd James Bond film ever created and the second one for Daniel Craig. Quantum of Solace, unknown to many, is a direct continuation of Casino Royale which was a reboot for the Bond franchise. Daniel Craig surprised as all with Casino Royale with the swagger of a gambler and a suave assassin. Many thought he was not the right guy to portray Bond but looking at his performance from the first film, many accepted him. Can Sir Daniel make it a second time or will he be forced to do find his own solace after this film?

Quantum of Solace starts off right after Casino Royale. Bond has kidnapped Mr. White, the main protagonist from the first film, and bringing him for interrogation. White reveals that there organization is so secretive that even MI6 has not heard of them. After that while White is being questioned, Bond and Q are betrayed by Q's bodyguard. White escapes and Bond tries to find out about the secret organization revealed by White. Soon after that, Bond locates a certian Dominique Greene and finds all about Quantum its members.

For the film, it was so-so. For us, it was not the best Bond film and Casino Royale may have even been better. Daniel Craig was good. You can really feel the dark, gritty feel of this Bond by his portrayal and the action sequences were really good. The biggest gripe we have about this Bond film though is the forgettable villain. Domique Greene was just too normal to put it simply. Bond films are not only about James Bond but it is about his enemies as well. For this one, Greene was just a plain, money-hungry fake. He doesn't even have a special scar or mark on his body! Ending this review, Quantum of Solace will be enjoyed by Bond fans and those who watched and still remember the first film. Just avoid it at all costs if you have not watched Casino Royale, better yet just watch it before this one.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- full of action sequences
- because it is Bond ,James Bond!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you did not watch Casino Royale or even just remember it
- if you have a hard time understanding "British!"
- lame lame villain!



  1. Casino Royale was absolutely better than this one. At least it showed Bond earning his "license to kill" and had some emotional, character building moments. The plot for this one was just a flimsy excuse to string some action scenes together.

  2. Hi Wangkongyew!

    Glad you agreed with us!

    It seems they just made this one to squeeze out more money out of the Bond franchise, maybe even out of their contract with Daniel Craig!

    By the way, nice site you got there! :)

  3. I didn't like this movie much at all, fight scenes were okay but story between them was weak.

    Hopefully they'll kick it up a notch for the 23rd movie.