Twilight: Movie Review

The Twilight series is known as one of the best-selling fictions of this generation, probably second to Harry Potter. This vampire love story won millions of young fans worldwide and it wasn’t long before it was adapted into a movie. Ever since it became official that Twilight will soon arrive into the big screen, fans all over the world have eagerly waited for the showing day to come. Could the movie live up to all the worldwide hype or will it just be another novel that was turned into a really bad movie?

This particular movie religiously followed almost all the things that Stephenie Meyer wrote in her book, except some of the humor added for cinematic purposes. The story is about Bella, a shy and awkward girl who moved in with her dad to Forks, one of the wettest and cloudiest places in the whole of United States. She encounters the mysterious and beautiful Edward Cullen, and falls hopelessly and irrevocably in-love with him. She soon discovers what makes Edward and his family different, they are what legends call the “cold ones” or vampires.

Our verdict? The movie will definitely satisfy fans of the novel because scenes from the book weren’t drastically changed or altered when they were made into a movie. Almost no chapter from the novel was disregarded and actions scenes were few and because of this, the movie turned out to be rather long and dragging. We are warning most especially those who haven’t read the book! Highlights include the movie being very well directed, but it wasn’t exactly a brilliant adaptation. We were actually relieved that the movie wasn’t a huge disappointment but nonetheless, it was just a little above average.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- If you are a sucker for vampire love stories

- The vampires were really hot! Kristen Stewart played the role of Bella so well

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- If you are looking for vampire action, this is not the movie for you

- Can get really dragging and boring



  1. this film was horrible!!! ouch!

  2. I've read the whole saga.
    The movie wasn't really dragging but I didn't love it as much as the book.