Pickup on South Street: Underground Movie Review

We bet you have never heard of "Pickup on South Street" or maybe even about Richard Widmark or Jean Peters. Well the reason is this film was released decades ago. We believe this is the oldest film review we have yet. This film was first shown in 1953. During its time, it was rather controversial for some scenes that were considered "violent" and "brutal". The producers should see the films right now and be utterly surprised. Anyway, let us see if Pickup on South Street" has stood the test of time and can still be considered as one film to watch out for.

The plot for "Pickup on South Street" is rather simple. Skip Mccoy (Richard Widmark) is a pickpocket and fortunately/unfortunately for him, he steals the wrong wallet. Candy's (Jean Peters) wallet contained a microfilm that has a top secret formula to be shipped off to the Communists. The rather simple plot becomes complicated when the Feds and the police become entangled with the search for the wallet and the Communists spies are desperate to retrieve the microfilm from Skip.

So did the movie stand the test of time? Our verdict is a definitely yes. Once a classic is always a classic right? What we really liked about the film is the very, very simple plot that becomes something else in the end. We also liked the nostalgic feeling this film gave us. Call us old fashioned but there is really something special about black-and-white films. The actors and actresses were also good in showcasing emotions. All of them were believable and made us feel that we were right there with them. What we did not like though was the rushed plot development. The film is rather short compared to modern standards and we feel that a few extra minutes would not have hurt this film. Another disappointment is the love story that bloomed between Skip and Candy. For us, it just felt out of place. On some parts even we felt confused if the love that Candy showed was real or not. But hey, maybe that's just us or maybe it is due to the rushed plot but in the end, this is a film that anyone will enjoy due to its light-hearted feeling with a dark twist.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- nothing heavy and rather simple plot
- you get that nostalgic feeling
- somehow shows the seedy side of the Bronx (Pickpockets and Government alike)

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- plot becomes a convoluted love scene
- some plot developments feel like they were rushed like the development of the love between Skip and Candy

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