Reel Advice Update

You guys might have noticed that we have not been reviewing the 2008 Metro Manila Film Fest entries. We already planned beforehand to at least watch three film entries but due to a very serious personal dilemma concerning one of us, we cannot accommodate watching movies for now.

It saddens us that we cannot give movie reviews right now, especially that this is the best time to praise or even disgrace mainstream Philippine Cinema. But this problem is much more bigger and demands that we stop for now.

We promise to give reviews to the latest flicks as soon as this problem steams off. Maybe we can even sneak one MMFF film. If ever there are other film reviews popping up, this is due to the fact that we have reviews that were on queue already. For now, we ask for your patience, patronage and most especially prayers in this time of need.


-Jed and Vit



  1. whatever it is that one of you are going through i hope everything will be alright very soon.

    *hugs you both*

    i feel kind of guilty because i asked about the filmfest movies :)

  2. Hello Jed and Vit, hope everything will be fine soon...

    Let's join forces in supporting Philippine Cinema and the movie industry this year. :)

  3. Hi Chel and Mighty!

    Thanks for the comments and understanding.

    We are back and ready. :)

    So watch out for the reviews in the coming days.

  4. jed and vit!

    Gusto ko review ng iksul bukol: after 20 years!

    hehe! yey yey yey!

  5. Hi Pawis!

    Unfortunately, we cannot promise a review of Iskul Bukol even if we really want to.

    The MMFF is about to end and sadly, work is back! We will try to make a review as soon as we have some other means of getting a copy of the film like the DVD release or maybe even a special screening right?

    Hope you understand the circumstances that happened for the past two weeks. It was unplanned for yet we have to live with it.

    Thanks for commenting by the way!

  6. hi jed and vit!

    oh on DVD! ill wait for that! :)


    ps. can you make a review on star city rides? :P

  7. Hi Pawis!

    Ahaha! Star City rides? hm...maybe on Facebook or Multiply! :P