Bedtime Stories: Movie Review

To be honest, seeing the poster of "Bedtime Stories" a few months back, we remember thinking that this was going to be U-G-L-Y. Now we have nothing against Adam Sandler being in a kid-themed movie (remember "Big Daddy" anyone?) but something just did not ring right with this one. The poster looked liked a mish-mash rip-off of "Night at the Musuem". The lack of trailers around the cinemas in the Metro did not help either. Well, let us see if Adam Sandler may prove our initial thoughts! You never know! "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a big disappointment even though it had a beautiful trailer that captivated us!

"Bedtime Stories" starts off telling the story of Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) and how his father lost their family-owned hotel when he was young. The buyer of their hotel, Barry Nottingham, promised Skeeter's father that he would give back the hotel to Skeeter when he becomes of right age. Fast forward to present time, the hotel that Barry bought became one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. Skeeter on the otehr hand is still the handyman of the hotel. Everything turns complicated when Barry announces that a new hotel would be created albeit the new location is going to destroy the school of Skeeter's nephews. When Skeeter babysits his nephews during the nights, he discovers that the bedtime stories they have conjured up during the night become reflective of what happens the next time Skeeter comes out of the house.

So for the verdict? Remember when people tell us to follow our gut feelings? Well this movie serves as the perfect case. "Bedtime Stories" never did anything right and did not show anything that captured our interests. Adam Sandler is still Adam Sandler in this movie and it is really weird that this movie has a very kiddie themed story and mechanics while Adam's humor is not for the kids; he just feels out of place in this movie. Why Adam Sandler in the first place? Why not Ben Stiller or someone else that has a tamer kind of humor? Another thing is the very lame story. You might say that maybe because it is for the kids. Well you are probably right on that one but the plot was really unbelievable in its ineptness and stupidity and the story lacked development as well, so that did not help. The whole movie feels rushed overall. This is a sad start for Disney for 2009 (well here in Manila because the movie was shown late here) after a very wonderful 2008. Hopefully, "Bedtime Stories" will not reflect the movies that Disney will show in the coming months. For the kids, they might enjoy this but for the parents, teens and adults? Please, avoid at all costs!

Rating: one reel

Why you should watch it:
- nothing really!
- kids may like this for its simplicity and kiddy themed adventures and lessons but be wary off Adam Sandler and his jokes

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story just did not catch our interests
- the plot development was rushed
- their is a sense that this film was not well-thought off



  1. Agh! When I watched the trailer, I wasn't particularly amused. Well, as you put it, there isn't much to see in the movie then. Too bad!!

  2. Heard this film wasn't particularly good.

  3. Adam Sandler movies are what they are. You can't expect anything brilliant, and when he happens upon some brilliance (like in the Wedding Singer) you get to be happily surprised.

    As far as this movie goes, I don't think anyone who's old enough to blog is really the target audience. And for the little kids it's aimed at, I think the fantasy element will let their imaginations run wild in a way that is fun and healthy. (It hard to relate to that once you're old and crotchety like most of us!)

  4. I went and saw it with my two kids and sorry to day, but we loved it. We laughed a LOT. Sure the story is not the greatest and it is pretty predictable but maybe thats what made it work for us. Sure a movie I will be getting on DVD.
    Different people, different opinions :-)

  5. Hi Mighty!

    Well, you can always rent it if you really want to see for yourself! :P

  6. Hi Trench!

    Yup, for us, it wasn't!

  7. Hi Monique!

    Yeah, we agree, we cannot expect really much from Adam Sandler but we know he is capable of more. Just look at "Click!".

    Well, we try our best to review all movies that are currently out, may it be for the young ones or even for the very mature. We agree that kids may like it though! :)

    By the way, thanks for commenting. We really appreciate it.

  8. Hi Sam!

    Yup! People have their opinions. We just try to give our honest opinions. We are pretty sure some may say different to what we saw and felt. We appreciate your comment and actually we like the criticism! :)

    We are very happy you enjoyed the movie and got your money's worth! :)

    Thanks for commenting as well! Hope to see you around next time! :P

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