Transporter 3: Movie Review

Jason Statham has been on a lot of action films recently. But even though this is the case, most of his films are pumped with action but lacking in any kind of serious plot. This kind of reminds us of a lot of Filipino action film classics. Who cares about the story anyway if you only want some Kaboom! and Kablam! Well let us see if "Transporter 3" will follow this trend of no-brainer, no holds-barred action that have always been the trademark of Jason Statham. But honestly, we warn you, we are not fans of such films!

"Transporter 3's" starts off with Frank Martin (Jason Statham) being forced to transport a package to an unknown location. The first time he refused, one of his friends got killed. Now, there is a catch with Frank's mission. Johnson (Robert Knepper), the contractor of Frank, has attached a magnetic device that will detect the whereabouts of Frank. If he gets more than 75 feet from his car, a bomb will explode and kill Frank. Frank now needs to find a way to save himself from Johnson while also trying to find out what the package is really about.

For the verdict of Transporter 3, it is the same old, same old Jason Statham film. For us, we hated it. It lacked the plot of most basic films. The story was really lackluster albeit it had one surprise near the end. But still, it was not enough for us for it to be really interesting. The acting was bad as well especially the leading lady. Her english was already mediocre and it got worse with badly scripted one-liners. Think of Horacio of "CSI: Miami" and her lines were pretty close to it! Where the hell on Earth did they find her anyway? Another thing is that the film feels convoluted all over the place. Things just pop up suddenly. From backflashes to the lovestory that unfolds, it feels rushed and out of place when the event/scene happens. A local newspaper even touted this was better than "Quantum of Solace". Now, how much did they get for that blasphemous article? Ending this review, this film is for those who want action sequences only. Surely, you will get them scene after scene and this is probably the only saving grace for this film.

Sadly, we never got the chance to see any of the first two Transporter films and from what we read from the Internet, most people deemed the first one ultimately better then the second release. We are not sure if not knowing any of the first two movies will affect our analysis so just watch out and warn us if you guys believe we had an unfair review!

Rating: one and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the film is littered with action sequences beyond that nothing much.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- there is nothing special about the story as all Jason Statham films.
- the acting was really bad especially with the leading lady.
- the film is littered with cheesy lines again, delivered by the leading lady.



  1. Heheh. Transporter kasi isn't much on the story but on the explosion and the car chase and the action scenes! I'm a fan of action films and I kina like Jason Statham and his B movies. weheheh

  2. Hi Mighty!

    Well that's great to hear! We are more of the serious type I guess! But sometimes we do enjoy the occasional no-brainer movie.

    By the way, keep us up-to-date about the Yes Man thing! :)

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  4. I think Transporter movies are simply the best action movies i seen from a long time.. Bruce Willis is out !!!

    Jason Statham is very cool in Frank Martin . This role is perfect for him !!!

    Me i like the action scene and my wife very like Jason Staham for his body for sure !!! ( Not me, Not me Ha Ha Ha !!! )

    I built a tribute fan site about The Transporter trilogy:
    Find here a huge batch of Transporter wallpapers,screencaps,soundtrack & vids

    Some Transporter wallpapers samples:



    Some screencaps:




    Now i'm waiting. I'm sure the box office have a place for The Transporter 4 !!!

    Next time .

  5. If you just want to watch an action movie and not ask too many questions about the plot but focus instead on the action, then this is pretty much unbeatable.