Underworld: Rise of the Lycans: Movie Review

"Underworld" has been a series known more for its bombshell star (Kate Beckinsale) than its story. And saying the plain truth, we never liked such movies. Hey, we have not even seen the first two movies at all. So that says something right? Well, now that we are doing movie reviews, we cannot choose what not to watch and what to watch. Then with that in mind, we decided to give "Underworld" a chance; maybe will leave the theaters surprised right? Just read on to see what we think of the third iteration of the ongoing "Underworld" series.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" is actually a prequel to the first two films. It chronicles the enslavement and the eventual win of the Lycans against the Vampires. Lucian was the first ever born Lycan who could take human form. Viktor (the leader of the Vampires), seeing this, saved Lucian and used him to infect more humans into the intellectual Lycans. Eventually, the Vampires used these newer Lycans and enslaved them to protect their fort during the day time and even build their walls and buildings. Eventually though, the Lucian and the Lycans cannot take the enslavement any longer and revolt against the Vampires.

For us, our assumptions about "Underworld" as a series was in fact true. And it did not help that what made it truly special for most people, namely the fast-apced action and Kate Beckinsale was totally M.I.A. in this film. Most of the film was ironically talk, talk and more talk. The effects used were lack-luster as well. You have to see the comboluted movements of the Lycans to see what we mean. If this happened in local films, we would take it on a different light. But hello, this is Hollywood and a film with a big budget! So no excuses on that department. If there are any good things about thise movie though is that Rhona Mitra was just stunning in this film. Maybe it is just us but she can replace Kate Beckinsale anyday! The story as well had some meat in it. We expected something brainless but in fact it was not. But mind you, this is not the best storyline out there! Overall, we were disappointed. We came in expecting something ugly and ugly we found. Fanboys might like it but for most newcomers, please do not waste your money on this one; with the recession and all!

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- has some plot in it somewhere and we expected something brainless in the first place
- Rhona Mitra can replace Kate Beckinsale anyday
- fanboy material only!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- less action, more talk
- we expected more on the effects department
- feels more like a b-movie overall



  1. Wow. Quite a strong reaction against the film ah. heheh. Am gonna watch it though. I did like the first two films and this one seems to be a good background info. :)

  2. Hi there Mighty!

    Well goodluck! Maybe you will like it because you are a fan of the first two films! :)

  3. "Rhona Mitra can replace Kate Beckinsale anyday"

    No way! Hahaha!

    To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the first two films either. The story was shallow and so was the dialogue. I only watched it to see Kate Beckinsale in action. Now that she's not starring in this one, you can guess what I'm not going to do. :D

  4. Hi there Mix!

    We know you personally and we also know you got the hots for Kate Beckinsale BIG TIME! So sorry for our comment! ehehe!

    Please don't take it personally? And Kate Beckinsale is in the film. Technically. Around 5 seconds of reused clips from the first film! Hah! :P

  5. Great film. I thought this should have been the first one instead. who needs Kate when you got Rhona!

  6. hi there trench!

    we are glad you enjoyed the film and finally someone agrees with us when it comes to Rhona! :P

  7. Hi,
    Brilliant. the movie review is commensurate with my opinion.The worst offender of Rise of the Lycans are the special effects abandoning all classic effects of the past for some truly shoddy CGI (even the blood is CGI), the score is forgettable whilst most of the action is tame at best with only the swordplay making any impact.