Australia: Movie Review

"Australia" is really a film that never captured our interest. It is one of those films that, for us, just popped out suddenly and if not for the Awards fever, we might never heard of it. So essentially, "Australia" is like the underdog, the unknown champion that may (or may not) go all the way. So can "Australia" make a wonderful run to be that champ or like most underdogs, utterly fail and go home disappointed? Let us find out!

"Australia" spans from the late 30's to the early 40's during the time when the Australian front is full of racial hate between the Aborigines and Whites and when the country itself was on the brink of war. Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) is the wife of a rich European who has stayed in their ranch, Faraway Downs, in Australia for years. The Lady goes to Australia to force her two-timing husband to sell the ranch and go back to England. On the way to the ranch, she will meet the "Drover" (Hugh Jackman); the for-hire drover of her husband's cattle and Nullah, a half-cast aborigine. Without saying too much, let us just say that due to a series of unfortunate events, Lady Sarah is forced to stay and takeover the ranch and compete with their arch-nemesis, "King" Carney.

As for the film itself, we found "Australia" rather peculiar. Peculiar in one way because we just couldn't associate it with a film that is totally out-of-context with its plot. The said film is "Hancock". And why you may ask? For the same reason we hated "Hancock"; the plot just felt that it was being pushed and pushed further. It does not even help that the film is almost three hours long! Halfway through the film, we were already satisfied but more was yet to come, which was not good honestly. Something feels more dragging more than Sir Benjamin Button's life! It felt that the film had three main themes and that is just too much to digest. As for the acting, Hugh Jackman was really superb as being the "Drover" while Nicole Kidman was sort of "meh". She could have been better honestly and it seems that we always see her act this way in all of her films. The real gem f0r "Australia" is probably its backdrop and setting. Australia, the place, will always be a wonder of mother nature and in this film, you can see it in all of its glory. Overall, "Australia" was killed by a plot that was too imaginative and too long!

Rating: 3.5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Australia' sceneries are just wonderful
- Hugh Jackman was wonderful in this film. Truly wonderful acting!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the plot was overly-stretched!
- the movie was boring on most parts!

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