Confessions of a Shopaholic: Movie Review

The Global Financial Crisis is still ongoing and ironically, a film about shopping and being addicted to it comes out. We just could not determine if it is good timing or just plain bad. Good in a way that it may show people that buying stuff is not the maker or breaker of ultimate bliss and happiness  (we are assuming there is a moral story here about being a shopaholic). On the other hand, what would people feel when they are being mocked with endless and endless pictures of stuff that they could have afforded but now could not. Well then, let us see if "Confessions of a Shopaholic" will appreciate or depreciate your life.

"Confessions of a Shopaholic" centers around Rebecca Bloomwood. Due to a very traumatic childhood of having thrifty parents, Rebecca as an old person has become addicted to buying anything and everything she has an eye for. Rebecca also dreams to work for Alette, a fashion magazine. As she arrives for her interview, another girl has taken the job and Rebecca is forced to apply for Alette's sister mag, Successful Savings. Due to her "magic card", Rebecca has been able to afford these things unfortunately, it was too easy obviously and she has to face her dreaded debt collector, Derek Smeath.  While this is happening, Rebecca becames famous for being "The Girl in the Green Scarf", the name of her financial column in which she has already become famous for being practical and down-to-earth. Ironic isn't it? Rebecca now needs to find a way to hide the truth from her fans and eventually pay off her substantial debt.

So is this movie a good buy? Two chick flicks came out this week (the other one, "He’s Just Not That into You") and we can say we liked this one better because of several reasons. One is that we like Isla Fisher, she brought out such perkiness, charm and bubbliness into her character that made her so enjoyable to watch. Second is that it is less complicated, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie – being entertained is mainly the purpose why some of us go to the movies in the first place. 

We also liked the way the movie conveys a lesson of financial responsibility. You might get a little disappointed though, especially if you want to see a lot of glamorous fashion styles and outfits as "Sex and the City" did way better at this aspect. And the cponclusion was pretty weird too; it was still littered with "shopaholics" grabbing and clawing each other. Now where did the moral lesson go? To sum it all up, we can say that :Confessions of a Shopaholic" does a good job of entertaining its audience - you’ll definitely remember the colorful clothes and the charming Isla Fisher but apart from that, there is nothing else really.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch this movie:
- The charming Isla Fisher and her funny antics

- If you want to be entertained for at least 2 hours

Why you shouldn’t watch this movie:

- There is not much substance in the film

- If you hate chick flicks and fashion

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