Marley and Me: Movie Review

Novels that are translated to movies are somewhat of a 50-50 matter. First, fans of the book expect something nearer to the material they read. Second, people who are not attuned to the book will surely expect something more akin to movies. Great novels sometimes do not translate into great screenplay. Just take a look at "The Lord of the Rings" series or the "Harry Potter" series or any other movie that was based on a best-selling book. More or less, some material will be altered and changed. "Marley & Me" takes a different step into adapting its novel brethren. It is "loosely" based (and we assume, mind you) and quite different to its root. Will this formula work or will "Marley & Me" be just a normal, forgettable film about man's best friend?

"Marley & Me" is a film that is all about John Grogan (Owen Wilson) and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) and there wonderful and fulfilling relationship with a dog named Marley. The film starts off with the story on how John and Jenny eventually ended up getting a labrador puppy as their companion. Progressively through the film, as Marley grows up, so is the Grogan family. From having their first child to the Grogans moving to a new place, Marley is their to give support or even give hell to the Grogans. Eventually, Marley, throughout the years, will teach them important life lessons that the Grogans will take into their lives.

For us, the film "Marley & Me" was a big disappointment. No, it was not because it was not funny at all nor was the story not interesting and riveting. The movie was just too darn long and diluted all the fun and the drama that was in the start and finish. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were great as partners and we sure did appreciate the first half's funny scenes and less serious lifestyle. The middle part of the film though was its biggest flaw. It was too long and too uninspired while the latter parts of the film was really great in delivering out those tears and sighs. We really wished we could give "Marley & Me" higher props but we know a lot of people would hate the dragging middle part; it just felt out of place! Just imagine this, the start of the film shows us John and Jenny as newlyweds but by the end of the film, they already have three living kids that are already studying! It was a good interpretation of the book but sadly, films like this should be shorter, really!

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- there is an odd chemistry between Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston
- it is a tearjerker and really funny on some parts

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it is too darn long and becomes somewhat dull
- the best parts are the start and finish



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