The Pink Panther 2: Movie Review

It is actually surprising that there is a "Pink Panther 2 "– surprising because there wasn’t any rave about it prior to its showing. No one seems to be talking about it – it just seemingly appeared in the list of movies to be shown this week. Right from the start, we kind of had a hunch that this isn’t going to be good, given the lack of hush-hush about it but nonetheless, we were excited because Steve Martin is kind of enjoyable to watch. Could "The Pink Panther 2" surpass the not-so-good first movie (but still a blockbuster!) and be as sneaky as the Pink Panther or will this movie’s impact be as quiet as its promotions?

Inspector Clouseau is back in the spotlight once again when he is chosen to be part of the Dream Team composed of the worlds greatest detectives assigned to hunt down an international thief called “The Tornado”. "The Tornado" has stolen some of the world’s priceless possessions, including the Shroud of Turin, the Magna Carta, a legendary Japanese Katana and most importantly, the legendary Pink Panther. Clouseau’s crazy antics during the investigation have turned him into an embarrassment for France. Can Clouseau save his hide once again and achieve the glory he had when he solve the case of the Pink Panther?

Now our verdict for this one? Well we know now why there isn’t much talk about this, there is really nothing exciting about this sequel! Steve Martin was definitely great but the material wasn’t working this time. You know the feeling you get when a joke is really corny? That was how we felt fifty percent of the time! Well, it has some funny scenes and lines but overall, it is completely a movie to forget. The story was pretty simple yet mind-boggling that it became really confusing in the end! Now how the heck did that happen? We probably won’t even remember this film in a few months time! Highlight of this film is probably the animated scenes during the start of the movie, but there isn’t much to see after that.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch this movie:

  • Steve Martin is brilliant and funny with the French accent
  • If you went to the movies to watch something light
  • If you are a fan of the Pink Panther series

Why you shouldn’t watch the movie:

  • Completely forgettable
  • Scenes are not so funny, the first movie was even better and that is not saying much!



  1. The movie was quite bad, but other wise still OK to watch

  2. hi there BernardC!

    We agree with you! It had some parts that were pretty fun but most of it was just utterly forgettable!

    Thanks for the comment though!

  3. I never really liked the Pink Panther after the first one came out -- wasn't even funny to me :/

    Anyways, great post - I may go watch this one to see if they did any better haha

  4. Hi there Robert!

    Yup! As we said, we were pretty surprised a second film came out!

    Thanks for commenting too! :)

  5. Hi Em!

    We are going to be surprised if someone liked this! ehehe!