Saw V: Movie Review

We are fans of the "Saw" series and every year, we await the next iteration and next update on the ongoing saga of Jigsaw. It is really disappointing that here in the Philippines, the "Saw" series is being shunned by the big publishers. For crying out loud, it is February already! Why can't they release it on October or even November? Anyway, moving on, the "Saw" series started with a bang. "Saw", the first film, was one of the best slasher films we have ever seen; mixing philosophy, mystery and of course, gore! But since then the "Saw" series was more on a downhill slide (with being the second film the worst of the bunch). But can things get brighter for the "Saw" series? Can the fifth iteration be the missing piece to jump start a new storyline, a new refresher for "Saw" fans and new watchers alike? Read more to find out!

"Saw V's" plot continues were the fourth film finished. After the death of the original Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) in "Saw IV", the search for a new Jigsaw replacement is on the works. Agent Strahm is still searching for Jigsaw's apprentice which he presumes to be Lt. Mark Hoffman. Strahm is really obsessed that it sort of takes over his life (like all "Saw" detectives). Meanwhile, a new Jigsaw game has been made but with a twist. The games are now not individually motivated but teamwork is needed to win the game. The question now is if the new victims can go beyond there egos and differences and survive.

"Saw V" for us, being fans, is quite a good film considering what was coming out after the first iteration. The film got that "twist" ending that was less predictable and surprised us on some level. Not as surprised as the first one but still, again, better than the second, third and fourth films. It is actually a good reboot of the series now that the original "Jigsaw" character is officially replaced. The biggest drawback for "Saw V" is that new fans may feel really out-of-place. Watching the first four films is a must or else. Some people will surely hate this film, but for us, it was a refreshing course of gore and thrill. The philosophical Jigsaw might be gone and the twisted righteousness in his teachings might be dead. Here's hoping that it stays though as it was one of the staples why the "Saw" series was well-watched!

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- a good reboot for the "Saw" series
- the stunts and challenges are really creative and the best for the series
- the plot was not predictable as before and surprised as much!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- non-fans need to backlog the first four films or else!
- not as good as the first "Saw"
- the philosophical Jigsaw is missing which means the allure of the original Jigsaw is gone

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