The International: Movie Review

Finally, a political thriller is again showing in the big screen. Why are we excited about this one? Well let’s just say that this is the first time we’ll see a really big bank as the antagonist. This might not interest a lot of people but we are curious on how a financial giant could actually turn out to be a corrupt institution, with so much political power and control. Will this be a strong, smart, action-packed film or will it turn out to be another trying hard action film to forget?

An Interpol agent, Louis Salinger(Clive Owen) is out in pursuit of the IBBC – the International Bank of Business and Credit - believed to be involved in arms deal. It aspires to control countries as conflict from the weapons race can bring nations into debt. He and Eleanor Whitman, a Manhattan investigator goes through investigations and various leads in order to bring down the bank. It is basically a chase movie with no end. They’ll learn to realize that the trail will eventually lead to nowhere, a vicious cycle in the corrupt web of powerful political figures and institutions.  

We can say that the movie is a little reminiscent of Bond movies and the Bourne series. This movie may be a picture of how Clive Owen will play the 007 agent if he were chosen as the next James Bond. It has a hint of the Bourne series as well, due to the CIA-type of theme. However, you should not expect that “The International” is better than these aforementioned films. For one, if you are looking for some action, there is only one action scene (a shootout in Guggenheim – which by the way is spectacular) for this movie when it could have had more. Another, the subject of international banks and the things they do is just too complicated for people who are not familiar with them (or do not have the slightest idea!). Props to the film as it is brilliantly thought off but hey, some of us didn’t go to the movies to think and analyze events right? So avoid this one if you do not want your brain to work when you are out to the movies.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it
- Great action scene (the shootout in Guggenheim), definitely one of the best we’ve seen in a while
- Clive Owen gave a solid performance, he is just super good

Why you shouldn’t watch it
- If you want to get the film, you will have to listen the whole time
- Information overload



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