Punisher: War Zone: Movie Review

Who remembers the first "Punisher" film a few years back? We do and it stinks really, really bad. So we do not see anything bad when we heard that there was going to be a reboot of the "Punisher" in the big screen with "Punisher: War Zone". Even better, a spinoff of Marvel Comics was going to be sponsoring the film which is the Marvel Knights brand. Marvel Knights brings up the ante with a more mature theme overall and nothing speaks "Punisher" than gore, violence, drugs and anything you can think off that is very close to an Adult rating. Everything looks good for "Punisher: War Zone" right? Well read on to find out if the "Punisher" learns to punish well this time or not.

The movie starts on the sixth year of Frank Castle's rampage as the Punisher. The Punisher has slowly but surely been taking revenge on each one of the mob families who were the ones who murdered his family. The Punisher even though cruel and merciless when it comes to bad guys hs a golden rule that he doesn't break - never hurt or kill the good guys. Everything goes awry when he raids the warehouse of Billy Russoti one night and kills an undercover FBI agent. Frank must now face the fact that he has killed a man who did not deserved to be punished. Even worse, Billy Rusotti, after miraculously surviving an attack by the Punisher, is out on revenge on the informant's wife and daughter. Frank must live with his mistake while trying to stop the Rusotti.

Now as for the verdict of the film, it was horrendous in all imaginable levels. First, the plot was so-so to be honest. Even the development of this mediocre plot was badly made and full of stupid scenes that we think shows how much thought was put into this film (not much!). For the first thirty minutes or so of the film, we were clueless on what was happening. Second, the acting was really bad. Not only the Frank Castle but everyone else. Nothing screams ugly when there are a room of grown men trying to act and sound like the Italian mob and failing badly. Another minor rant on this film is the Punisher's cheap costume. It looks someone just spray-painted the skull! What the heck happened here? If they could spend a lot of money in pulling out the gore and explosive scenes, how much would it cost to make the Punisher's costume more enticing and more professional? The Punisher needs to be punished big time. No one should watch this film - period. 

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- if you like gut-wrenching gore
- action scenes were quite awesome

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- acting was really bad
- the costume of the Punisher looks cheap and funny
- storyline was a big downer



  1. i think we all wasted time and money on this one! haha

  2. hi trench!

    yeah! but for those people who like G-O-R-E, go ahead and watch this! ehehe