Win SM Movie Tickets at Reel Advice

Lucky for us, someone gave us 6 SM Cinema Complimentary Passesand we have decided to just give them away to our valued readers. But six won't be enough for everyone right?  So we decided to raffle these tickets off to 3 lucky people. Anyone can join this contest - non bloggers are highly welcome! 

Mechanics of the Contest are the ff:
a. Prizes will be the ff:
 1st Prize  - 3 Complimentary Passes + 3 Months 125X125 Ad Placement 
 2nd Prize - 2 Complimentary Passes + 2 Month 125X125 Ad Placement
 3rd Prize - 1 Complimentary Pass + 1 Month 125X125X Ad Placement
b. To get raffle entries:
1. Post a Comment on any of our movie reviews or blog posts this March starting with Bigger, Stronger, Faster Movie Review. (1 Raffle Entry)
2. Subscribe on our RSS Feed via Email. Subscription link is on the upper right portion of our page. (3 Raffle Entries)
3. Post a blog entry about this contest - For bloggers only. (5 Raffle Entries)

c. Confirm entries via email  by sending an email to us at Please include name, cellphone, email and method/s (Option 1, 2, 3)used to enter the contest. Also include the username used to post a comment, email used to subscribe via RSS and EXACT link of the blog post to promote the contest.

d. Contest is open to readers within the Metro Manila Area only and passes will expire on April 14, 2009. Contest ends on March 31, 2009.

e. Winners will be drawn via manual/fishbowl method. Winners will then be contacted via email or cellphone.

f. Winners must provide their own 125x125 Ad or else, Ad Placement prize will be nullified.

Join now and win! 


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  2. oh my goodness, i'm definitely joining! :D

    i just hope i wont be busy so if in case i win (grabe, assuming ako masyado...) i can watch movies at least once a week.

  3. nice contest. I should do one of these.

  4. Hi Chel!

    Thanks for joining! hehe we hope you win and we are sure you'll find time if ever you get some of the tickets up for grabs! :p

  5. hi euge!

    thanks for joining! yep! do one and inform us so we could join if ever! ehehe goodluck!

  6. di na ko nakasali. kainis kasing hacker yan eh :(

  7. hi chel!

    actually you got one entry although slim chance you will win! :( good luck! we will draw the three winners in a few minutes!