1st Anniversary Post

It was one day and a year ago (April 15, 2008) that we started Reel Advice. We love to watch movies and one day, we decided to put our hobby to good use and start a movie review blog - thus Reel Advice was born.

Last year, we would never have thought that we would reach a year writing movie reviews and more. Throughout the those 12 months, we have had numerous layout changes, started a new feature (Reel Advice Underground) and even found the time to invest in our own custom domain. But most importantly though, we learned a lot of stuff and found new friends.

Thanks for all the readers and friends who have supported and have given us countless memories the past year. Thanks everyone! See you next year right?

With that, we would like to announce that we will have another SM Ticket Giveaway Contest. Winners will be drawn on April 30, 2009. These complimentary tickets will expire on June. Again, contest is open to Metro Manila readers only. How to join? Just comment on this post and answer the question, "What is your favorite movie of all time?"

-Jed and Vit
Reel Advice Team


  1. yay vit!! i finally joined! haha

    fav movie - Dazed and Confused! :) classic teen movie haha


  2. Happy anniversary! I want tickets!hahahaah
    Favorite movie: "Shelter" (best indi gay film)

    -RaMil ganda! :)

  3. Yey! Fave movie: serendipity!

  4. congratulations...... happy anniversary..... more anniversarriesssssss to come =)

  5. congrats =D

  6. it's TITANIC!

    That movie literally swept me off my feet and until now, more than a decade later, I still dry everytime I watch it :)

    Congratulations on your anniversary!


  7. Hey!:)
    Happy Anniversary!:)

    My fave movie of all time is also Titanic,since im in my younger years.I've been watching titanic and still, I cry everytime I watch that movie!yea,I admit.Im a cry baby!haha!:))

    Happy Anniversary again!:D

  8. HI!!! happy Anniversary!!!

    I hope that you guys continue on what you want and continue being happy and enjoy.. :D

    The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

    MY FAVORITE MOVIE for all time is the movie "Awakenings"

  9. congrats on your first anniversary!

  10. happy anniversary ^.^

    my favorite for all time is i am sam it is so heart warming =)

  11. congrats titah vit and titoh jed! :)) fave movie? depends on the genre eh.. top of my head movie: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind :) i love ever after din :))

  12. face/off and clueless!!!!!!! i cant choose ehh but i can watch them over and over again hahaha

    - loren :p

  13. happy blogniversary! :D i don't have a fave movie of all time but my current <3 is 17 again! gwapo ni zac efron!!! and it's a surprisingly funny movie! watch and review mo sya jed!

  14. Happy anniversary! God bless and have fun always! =)

    Back to the Future would be my favorite movie of all time.

  15. hi! my favorite movie would be august rush. it's all about the music. ;)

    but there are a lot that i won't ever get tired of watching i.e. made of honor, my best friend's wedding, serendipity, legally blonde, etc.

    congratulations and more power!


  16. hi! happy anniversary!
    aside from horror flicks, my fave movie of all time would be hotel rwanda.

    more power!

  17. Without a doubt, The Mighty Ducks series. Very good story and awesome characters. Don't you love the little Joshua Jackson? hahaha! Everytime I watch the trilogy, I always hear myself chanting quack quack quack quack!

  18. happy 1st anniversary blogger! congrats! hope to read more from your site! hehe...

    favorite movie... rules of engagement

    - omar

  19. sorry may pahabol ako...

    KUNG FU PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    - loren again hahaha

  20. Happy Anniversary!

    Favorite movie? It's got to be either Ratatouille or Blue Streak.


  21. Happy Anniversary!!!

    My Favorite Movie: chungking express!!!

  22. happy birthday, Jed and Vit! :D

    sa dami ng movies i don't really know kung anong fave ko... first 2 movies na naisip ko, Dogma and Legends of the Fall.

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  24. i don't have a favorite movie but i'd commend "everything is illuminated." it made me want to visit ukraine. hehe.

  25. little manhattan :) favorite movie ko!!


    my sassy girl korean version!!


  26. My fave movie of all time is Love Actually. It's a star-studded movie top-billed by Hugh Grant and Keira Knightly. It's about the many forms and faces of love. And after watching it,it will make you realize that there really are many forms and face of love,actually.