The Haunting in Connecticut: Movie Review

"The Haunting in Connecticut" is supposedly based on a true story - like all movies that are based on true stories, there are two basic properties they almost always have. Point A, that most are NOT reflections of what really happened and point B, most are astoundingly bad. We really do not know why directors/producers/writers/etc. even try to make a film about a person or an event that they themselves do not believe in. By bastardizing the original material - it is like saying that the person's life is not interesting enough for them or anyone else in this planet. Way to go Captain Sensitive! Anyway, enough with the ranting, read on to find out if "The Haunting in Connecticut" is good enough for us.

"The Haunting in Connecticut"  centers around the Campbell Family. We discover early on that Matt (Kyle Gallner) has cancer and is being treated with a test procedure. Unfortunately, this procedure has drastic side effects and it does not help that the Campbell Family's current home is very far from the hospital that the treatment is being done. Sara (Virginia Madsen) and her husband then decides that they find a home near the hospital - somewhere in Connecticut. As luck would have it, Sara finds a home that has the perfect price (very cheap) and perfect location (near the hospital) although with one caveat - it was once a mortuary. Sara at first declines the offer due to this but one stormy night, Matt has severe body aches and she is forced to rent the house to end Matt's suffering. Leaving with no choice but to move in, Matt decides to take the basement room and soon after that, he has dreams and visions of a boy and a mortuarist. So are these experiences of Matt due to the treatment or in fact because of a recluse ghost? The Campbell family finds out when they themselves become victims soon enough.

As for "The Haunting in Connecticut", it disappointed us a lot. First, the story was ridiculously developed that anyone who would believe this is what actually happened is crazy (not mentioning that even the original material it was based on is being seriously doubted to its accuracy and credibility). In essence, the plot was too complete that even the background story of the ghosts were presented! How did they found that out huh? Second, the ghosts/beings were pretty lame not even brushing to a hint of scary. The acting was so-so as well. The only good thing we can see in this film are in the aural parts. Sound effects and the music set the mood quite well. We just realized what made Western horror films really bad - they just tend to surprise the watcher and nothing more. Sadly, "The Haunting in Connecticut" is a prime example. Please avoid at all costs! 

Rating: .5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- will deliver some chills and surprises from time to time
- the sound effects and music were kind of nice

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- we seriously doubt this is what ACTUALLY happened
- even with alterations to the story, it is still a crappy one - maybe the writers actually destroyed the film by mutilating the original events
- the acting was astoundingly frightful and we do not deem this in a good way
- won't leave you scared after the credits start to roll 

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