T2: Movie Review

"T2" is probably one of the most awaited horror films of the year. Maricel Soriano alone tops the bill and with the highly successful Chito Rono on the bandwagon as director, most Filipinos expect something good out of it. For those of you who do not know Maricel, she is one of the most celebrated actresses in the Philippines so much so that she has been named the "Diamond Star of Philippine Movies". No one doubts her capability to be flexible by excelling in any film type you throw at her. Chito Rono on the other hand is a director that is very capable in the horror genre. Recent scary hits that he directed (and even wrote) are "Feng Shui" and "Sukob". So a lot is expected from "T2", s0 can it bring the house down?

"T2" revolves around Claire (Maricel Soriano) who works as a travel agent and sidelines as a volunteer in an NGO that caters to finding new families for orphans. This is in fact rooted in Claire's history as being an orphan herself when she was little. One day, Claire is confronted by her husband Jeremy (Derek Ramsay) and declares he wants a trial separation. Claire decides to leave Jeremy and volunteers to bring an orphan to the province to keep herself distracted from her problem. As fate may have it, Claire and her driver Elias becomes stuck in the province when a tree blocks the highway to the port. There, they stay at a foundation center run by nuns and she discovers that a new orphan, Angeli, needs to be delivered to her aunt in Tenement 2, Taguig, Manila. Unbeknownst to her, Angeli has a history that will not only surprise her but bind their lives for good.

For the verdict of "T2", we can say that it was truly a disappointment. We can feel for the actors/actresses in the film because we could see that they gave it their all and we could see nothing wrong with how they presented themselves - Maricel was exceptional in this one by the way. The true nail in the coffin is the fantastically-rooted plot and how they executed the engkanto (elf in English) twist- just think, that in one scene alone, the movie turned to frighteningly good to just plain lame. When almost all of the people in a fully loaded cinema are laughing their hats off, you know there is just something wrong. The very "unconventional" plot for this film destined it to fail. Even with all the all star cast of characters, we cannot recommend this to anyone honestly. A horror film's "effect" should last for days and weeks, not in the middle of the film or when the credits are starting to roll. 

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- the acting was really superb for all actors and actresses - sadly, that is the only good thing we can say about this film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the first half might send you chills down your bones on some scenes but a poorly written story bombs out the whole experience by the end of the film
- horror films that at least give you that creepy feeling for days even weeks, this fails utterly in this aspect - it won't make you feel scared, not even right after the film

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