BFF (Best Friends Forever): Movie Review

"BFF" (short for "Best Friends Forever") is marketed as one of the biggest films this year as it showcases the tandem of Sharon Cuneta and Ai-Ai delas Alas. We saw the trailer several times in local television and we couldn’t help but laugh at the film’s snippets. There is no doubt that this film could be another blockbuster hit for Star Cinema and noteworthy is that this is not even a romcom film. This could also be an addition to the successful films that these two stars have already amassed through the years. Let us now see if this film would be a fun and enjoyable treat for everyone.

Honey (Sharon Cuneta)is starting to suspect that her husband is seeing another woman. In her effort to win her husband back, Honey decides to lose some weight. In the gym, she meets Frances (Ai-Ai delas Alas), a gym instructor and dance teacher - they eventually become really close friends, telling each other stories about their love lives unknown to them that the guy they are talking about is actually the one and same person (John Estrada). Conflict arises (and their budding friendship tested) when Honey (the estranged wife) and Frances (the mistress) finds out that they both love the same man.

"BFF" to sum it all up is a huge disappointed for us. We came to see the film expecting to see funnier scenes than the ones we saw in the trailer. Turns out that those scenes are the funniest and there was really nothing more. The story is not well thought off - there were a lot of moments and scenes that were seemingly intended to just make people laugh (without it making any sense). To quote one person who was behind us, "Ano yun?!!?!" ("What the Heck?!?!!"). It did not help that the acting was subpar, editing of scenes were lackluster and mediocre and the ending was pretty sudden and horrible. You will feel that they just ended the film because the running time was long enough and they did not know how to end it without extending the movie more. To be frank, you really won’t get anything out of it – no message that you can actually pickup from watching the movie. Safe to say, "BFF" is an example of a comedy that tries too hard to be funny but only turns out to be really corny. Not mentioning that we felt the material had potential to actually be a great movie - whoever the writer is, you sure did everything wrong. Unless you are a “Sharonian” or a big fan of Ai-Ai, skip this one and save some dough.

Rating: 1.5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you want to see Sharon and Ai-Ai in one film who both gave good performances

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- really weird story with a really bad ending
- corny jokes all over
- there are a lot of scenes that will leave you scratching your head a lot
- huge disappointment because we know this could have been WAY better

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  1. it seems that this movie was rushed. "minadali." and a number of jokes and antics seemed rehashed from previous ai-ai films.

    it's a waste of talent and money.

  2. Hi Alem!

    Yup! We believe that seems to be the case not only here but for most Filipino films. What we do not get is why they do not want to invest more time and more money in Pre and Post Production. It seems that "a penny saved is a penny earned" syndrome is the problem - too much frugality when they could earn more if they risk more!