Night at the Museum 2 (Battle of the Smithsonian): Movie Review

The original "Night at the Museum" was one well-crafted film and it truly exceeded everyone's expectations about it. After the first film, we always wondered how they will do a second film if ever there was going to be one. Now, "Night at the Museum 2" is at the forefront and nothing makes us more giddy in knowing that they have pulled it off to make a second spin off. Can "Night at the Museum 2" tickle our senses like it did the first time over? Read on to find out our final say! 

"Night at the Museum 2" continues the story of Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) - now a few years after  the first film. We soon discover that Larry is now the successful CEO of Daley Devices - a firm that sells innovative stuff on TV. Larry, as you may have presumed, has now moved on from being the night guard of the The Museum of Natural History. Larry one day decides to visit his old time friends but as fate would have it, this is also the last day of them staying there. The board of directors of the museum has decided to sell their old mannequins and displays for a newer, digital display but some of the museum pieces like Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) would be left behind. The Tablet of Ark Mun Rah will be left behind as well meaning museum pieces that will be moved will never come back to life again. As Larry went home with his last day with most of his friends, suddenly recieves a call from Jedediah Smith (Owen Wilson) - the monkey has taken the tablet with them and now, they are under attack from Kah Mun Rah (Hank Azaria), the evil brother of Ark Mun Rah. Kah Mun Rah is out to get the tablet and unleash his lost army from the underworld so he could take over the world. Larry save his friends and stop Kah Mun Rah's plan of world domination. Can he do it?

"Night at the Museum 2" left us wanting for more and that is probably the reason why we did not enjoy it as much as we would have wanted to. It is hard to pinpoint where the flaws are because in the first place, it was funny as hell. It also introduced a bunch of new characters that are interesting and very, very funny (Props to Hank Azaria for making Kah Mun Rah extra special in this department). So if we are just talking about the Laughing Part and the Feel Good part, "Night at the Museum 2" delivers there. But looking further, this is not only the thing we try to find in a film. Basic importance should be given to the plot and development of the story and this is where we think they failed. The story and the development of some major characters seems to be rushed - it just made us feel that this film was given less thought and time. Also, the biggest gripe we could never get off our backs is the first film. We just could not help but compare it to this one and to be frank, the first one is a lot better. We are pretty sure "Night at the Museum 2" will still put a smile on anyone's face but others might be put off by the less interesting story.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- this is still a feel good movie to say the least at that gives it some brownie points already
- introduces a bunch of new characters that are interesting and funny especially Kah Mun Rah
- if you are out for laughs, you will get it

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the biggest downfall for this film is that its predecessor exceeds it by leaps and bounds
- feels that it is not as well thought off as the first film

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  1. you should have given this a higher rating, since you actually gave wolverine a 5 - js

  2. hi there!

    actually, if you read our review on "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", we liked the film and that is why we gave it a rating of 5 reels before.

    as for NATM2, we did not enjoy it as much and that is why we gave it a lower rating.