Star Trek: Movie Review

When we heard that "Star Trek" was being remade, worse, being rebooted, we already sensed trouble brewing. Why? Because the "Star Trek" franchise is one of the most beloved ever, even rivaling or surpassing "Star Wars". With any franchise being rebooted, fanboys will always be there to shot down and bash a film because nothing beats the original right? J.J. Abrams has a lot to deliver this time around and even with megahits like "Alias", "Lost" and "Cloverfield" at his helm, we are pretty sure the scifi freak mind of his is going to get a heavy workout. So did he deliver? Read further to find out our final decision.

"Star Trek" starts off with the "USS Kelvin" investigating a peculiar lightning storm occuring in space. Upon arrival in the area, instead of the storm, they find a massive Romulan ship coming out of a blackhole. From there, the "USS Kelvin" is destroyed but numerous lives are saved including the just born James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) thanks to his father's brave heroics. Years after the incident, James Kirk is now a young adult where he gets into a bar brawl. Kirk gets the attention of Captain Pike and convinces Kirk to join the Starfleet Academy. Three years later, Kirk is the first ever to defeat the Kobayashi training designed by Spock (Zachary Quinto). Spock believes Kirk has cheated by altering the program and during his disciplinary trial, a distress signal is sent by the planet Vulcan. The Starfleet cadets are forced to duty. When they arrive in Vulcan, they discover that the Romulans are the ones causing the attack - the same aliens who killed Kirk's father years ago.

"Star Trek" for us was a hell of an experience. First off, the visuals and the audio were superb and top notch. The story was  finely crafted, even making itself work with the reboot decision. For us, having the concept of an alternate reality and explaining it clearly and logically why it happened was the clincher for the plot. Also, films that are massive in scale like this one tend to be dragging and too heavy for most people - this we did not see in "Star Trek". It even had the sense to put in some comedic sequences that lightened the tone a lot. Finally the acting and portrayals of the characters were almost perfect.  A minor nitpick for us would be the geeky talk that may confuse some people so just be wary of science-heavy talk on some sequences. We now know how good J.J. Abrams is because of "Star Trek" - in our books he is a scifi god because he just made the impossible possible! "Star Trek" is a finely-crafted film that will make your heart beat faster, will make you feel sad and will even make you laugh - this is a film no one should miss! We said "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was the best film so far this year - a week after that statement, we believe "Star Trek" takes the cake by a mile.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- a good plot that is nicely tied with the reboot decision
- the visuals are awesomely good and so are the sound effects and audio tracks
- the film was not heavy with subtle comedic sequences from time to time
- the acting and portrayal was top notch

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some might get lost with the "science" stuff

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  1. I saw it last night and thought it was a great movie even if your not into star trek people can enjoy this movie.

  2. saw it twice, on IMAX and THX. you have to see it on IMAX.

  3. Hi Francine!

    Yup! Actually that is a great point. We were not fans of Star Trek yet we enjoyed every moment of it!

    Thanks for the comment by the way!

  4. Hi Jurick!

    Really? Does it have 3D Sequences? Then we will try to give time to watch Star Trek on Imax! Thanks for the tip! :)

  5. Jed and Vit: It doesn't have 3D sequences. IMO, watching it on iMax is sort of a waste. It doesn't fill up the whole screen either.

  6. Hi there blued888!

    hm...really? so watching it in Imax doesn't make the film more clearer?

    anyway, thanks for the advice and the comment!

  7. It is a good movie but blowing up Vulcan, killing Spock's mom, and the fact that nobody knew about Romulans before the tv show kind of made the film strange.

  8. i watched it on IMAX and it does make the film clearer. you'll see the pores and all :) unfortunately, it doesn't have 3D scenes but i still enjoyed watching it on IMAX :)

  9. Hi! -Jed and Vit- on your question here Screensucked movie review of Star Trek (2009):

    *sob* yes... only the "big" ones with worldwide premieres (e.g. Matrix: Revolutions, LOTR: The Return of the King, Superman Returns) get to be shown here (SM City Lucena) as scheduled per country.

    But I went to SM today: U.S.S. Enterprise has landed! (kanina lang talaga. Yesterday the SM customer service person didn't even have administrative advise on when they're showing it) ='p

  10. Hi Chel!

    Ow, if that's the case I think a second trip might not be that worth it! Ehehe! We do not even have the time and luxury to watch all movies showing in a week! :(

  11. Hi Lorgen!

    Actually we are quite surprised that Star Trek isn't considered a big-time film. Because for us, this is one of the most anticipated this year!

    Oh well, at least they have announced it already! Goodluck! We hope you see it very, very soon!

  12. hi Dwacon!

    thanks for the comment!

  13. I watched the movie with my wife at the new Eastwood mall in Libis and we were both totally amazed! As a fan, I enjoyed answering my wife's questions during and after the movie. I also believe the space battle scenes were no longer "boring" as with previous star trek films as the scenes on this film were quite action packed, which reminded me of the gameplay in the PC game "Homeworld". This "alternate reality" really opens up a lot of possibilities, can't wait for the next movie!