Terminator Salvation: Movie Review

A lot of negative flak has been put on the way of "Terminator Salvation" - a lot of hearsay that it is boring (with the movie composed mostly of dialogues), that the story is hogwash (primarily written by the guys who destroyed "Catwoman") and that a fourth film in the Terminator series was uncalled for. Well we say, bring it on - until we see it, we shouldn't judge. Go to the jump to see if the new Terminator movie can be bring salvation and guidance to the series or not.

"Terminator Salvation" brings us into the middle of the war against the machines. The year is 2018 and John Connor (Christian Bale) is leading an assault on a Skynet base. John soon discovers that a new Terminator is being developed, the T-800, which will use human tissue. Suddenly, a nuclear bomb drops into the base killing all human operatives except John. John has two things to accomplish - first, to find his father Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), who is still a teenager at the present time and second, to test out a radio frequency that may or may not send out a "turn off" switch to all Skynet machines. If it is successful, the war may end soon enough. Can John find his father to ensure that he is born in the past and will the radio frequency work or not?

For us, the movie was perplexing and you know why? Because throughout the whole film, we tried, really tried, to find what the fuss was all about. This may not be the best film this year but this is definitely not the worst. Ironically, we found the movie action-packed with fight scenes and explosions littered abound. We also found the story gripping and interesting at best and the twist at the end really capped things off. Visually, the film was superb and topnotch even with a surprise cameo by someone all Terminator fans would surely love. We enjoyed the film definitely but just a warning for people who have not seen the previous films - you will get lost and you might hate this film for being non user-friendly. If you want a film that won't bore you to death and will leave you gripping at the edge of your seat, then this film will serve you well.   

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- action packed film that will leave you at the edge of your seat
- interesting story that has a good twist at the end

Why you shouldn't watch it: 
- there might be glaring plotholes for the perfectionist
- acting might be too stiff, especially Christian Bale 
- non fans seriously need to watch the previous films first before delving into this iteration

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  1. I would definently agree with the last statement. I never got a chance to see the originals because of my age but luckily I had a friend fill me in with what was going on otherwise I would have been clueless.

    I thought it was a great movie personally and would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Hi Izzy,

    Why not try getting a DVD of the original three movies? :)