Hannah Montana: The Movie: Movie Review

Even though you still haven’t read any review about "Hannah Montana: The Movie", you will have a pretty accurate perception or take about the movie. One is that it is targeted towards the kids and tween girls who are crazy about the show so you will expect the movie to be all about Hannah/Miley and her songs. Another is that you probably have an idea what the basic plot is and what will happen. Even though we are pretty sure that this will rake quite a lot in the box office, we still need to weigh its weight.

Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is enjoying the best of both worlds that most teenagers dream of - being an ordinary student by day and an international pop star, Hannah Montana while being adored by millions, at night. Miley’s Dad (Billy Ray Cyrus) however, starts to notice lately that stardom seems to rise into his daughter’s head more than being just an ordinary, down-to-earth girl. He then decides to throw her back to their hometown in Tennessee as a lesson and as a surprise. Miley seemed to go crazy when she finds out the truth. Miley has to spend two weeks at their family ranch but to her surprise, this is where she discovers the happiness of becoming just ordinary.

Just as everyone expects, a lot of kids will definitely be happy to see their idol on the big screen. We can say that not everyone will be able to stand the movie, most especially the true hearted dudes. However, it is fun and light, a good movie for the whole family (especially Father-Daughter pairs), and Disney fans will give it an A for sure. Unfortunately, also as predicted, the movie was cheesy and contains too much teeny-bopper romance yet still a bit bearable for adults like us. We can’t wait for the day wherein Miley Cyrus decides to follow suit with Zac Efron and finally decides to step out from the Hannah Montana moniker and become a more serious actress because we think she can be really good.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you are a huge fan of the Hannah Montana franchise
- very Disney, with song numbers here and there (very entertaining to kids!)

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- basically if you are a true blooded man in heart and in soul
- when you are on a date as it is more of a family movie

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  1. I loved this movie! And I'm a grown woman. Yikes for me!

  2. hi monique!

    we are just glad you enjoyed the film!

    what did you like most on it if you don't mind us asking!

    thanks for the comment and hope you get to answer back! :)