Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Movie Review

Looking at history of movie franchises that come out with a third film, we can safely say that most often than not, we wished that they just stopped with the second film (or even the first!). It is seemingly more difficult to still come up with a brilliant story the third time around. What usually happens is that writers add new characters to make things more interesting. What happens now with the third installment of "Ice Age"? Read on to find out.

We see our beloved Ice Age characters again on a third installment. Manny (Ray Romano) is now excited about becoming a father, Diego (Denis Leary) is thinking about leaving the pack to go on an adventure, and Sid (John Leguizamo)is scared of being alone and wants to have a family of his own. Trouble begins when Sid finds some dinosaur eggs and wants to be their mother. The real mother (which is a Tyrannosaurus Rex), while getting her kids back drags Sid as well, and brings him to a whole new land below all the ice. It is now time for the whole gang to rescue their friend from the mother dinosaur.

"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" is still a fun adventure movie, full of adventures of the well-loved Scrat and his acorn. However, comparing it with the first two films, we can say that this is the weakest. We’re also not sure that it can go up against some of the really good animated films these days. The reason probably is the story. Animated movies these days do not only show lovable characters and awesome animation but they also have a unique and great story to showcase. This is what is lacking in the movie. Although they added a new lovable character Buck, this is just not enough to make the movie more than average at the least. The kids will love this but it will probably bore most adults.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the great Ice Age characters are back in a new adventure
- very fun and absolutely entertaining

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- not as good as the first two films
- story is quite simple, nothing to really be excited about

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  1. Just 3 reels? You should have watched it in Trinoma, in 3D. I bet 4 reels bibigay niyo hahaha!

  2. Really? If we have the time we just might do!

    Trinoma has 3d already? Wow! We did not know that! ahaha!

  3. A better title for this movie is Ice Aged - The MELTDOWN!!! Seems that most of this movie was made around the 3-D application. Visually it was excellent but story wise it was a complete mess. Good for kids but not for the kid at heart.

  4. hi matt!

    well, sometimes, movie franchises just try to push it and push it. they should know when to stop!

    thanks for the comment!