It's Alive: Sneak Peek

After giving us the Eastern horror experience with "The Coffin", Viva International Pictures brings another thriller but with a Western twist - "It's Alive". Read more to find out more about this upcoming film.


It’s cute. It’s adorable. And it will eat you up! Get ready for this little bundle of terror as the new horror flick IT’S ALIVE brings in the scares on July 22. Based on Larry Cohen’s original and successful cult classic from 1974, but more horrifying than the original, IT’S ALIVE takes us on a journey where we explore the terrifying consequences of a young woman’s actions.

Lenore(Bijou Phillips) is pregnant with her longtime boyfriend Frank(James Murray), but something horrible happens in the delivery room as all the doctors and nurses are gruesomely murdered, leaving the mother and baby safely untouched. There is no trace of the killer as the police try to solve the mystery. When Lenore and Frank proudly bring their beautiful baby home, people start disappearing and as the baby’s nature is revealed, Lenore has to choose between the love for her newborn and her family.

“The baby is perfect and amazing, but starts to roll over and sit up way before it should be able to, so Lenore thinks she has a really super special baby,” explains Phillips of the devoted mother she portrays.

Lenore evades anyone who threatens the tranquility of her bond with the baby. “I’m sort of having an inner conflict on what to do with this baby,” says Phillips when explaining that Lenore refuses to discuss the unexplained deaths that start to mount since the baby’s birth.

When asked what drew co-star James Murray on the remake of the ‘70s Larry Cohen classic, he shares, ”I had never done a horror film and I think it’s challenging for actors because there is nowhere to hide, you really got to go for it as it were. It’s the age-old thing that if you’re not scared then the audience isn’t and you have to work at it (to be convincing).”

Find out how evil can come in small packages as IT’S ALIVE finally hits local cinemas on July 22. Again from Viva International Pictures.


  1. Looks like a really interesting movie. Can't wait!

    Also, thanks for the sneak peek and the reviews

  2. hi tons!

    yup! it's showing this week! hope you could holler back if you liked it or not!