Revenge of the Nerds: Underground Movie Review

It is interesting to review a college fraternity-themed movie made in the 80's for one main reason alone - we wanted to see how the teen humor was like during the time wherein we were not even born yet. We predicted that we would feel the generation gap when comparing "Revenge of the Nerds" with similarly-themed movies of the recent decade such as "Van Wilder" or "American Pie". Would we even find the movie funny? Would the things they find sensational and controversial be a normal recurrence in our films today? Has the movie aged well or would anyone from Generation X and beyond find this as trash? Read more to find out our final analysis.

Nerdy best friends Lewis(Robert Carradine) and Gilbert (Anothny Edwards) are in for a surprise as they start their freshmen college days. They get picked on by the Alpha Beta jock fraternity from the very start, even kicking them out of their dorm rooms. The college nerds, having enough of the abuse by the Alpha Beta fraternity, come together to form their own fraternity. The nerds realize that the only way they can end this battle and harassment from the jocks is if they can control the Greek Council. The Greek Council is the overall governing body of all fraternities in their college. Unfortunately, the leader is their biggest nemesis which is the leader of the Alpha Betas. The nerds have to win the annual Greek Games in order to take control of the Greek Council and maybe get acceptance from everyone else.

It is not a surprise that we actually liked this film since it was a huge hit when it was shown in 1984. However, we cannot really say how the film turned out to be good despite having such a simple plot. One reason is that although it included some nude scenes, it is pretty wholesome compared to teen flicks in the last couple of years. Aside from that, the actors are pretty good. Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine were impressive, even if they turn out to be big stars years after the movie. "Revenge of the Nerds" is way too much fun and we now understand why it definitively is one of the classic 80's movies. But for those who are not fond of "American Pie", "Van Wilder" and the like, this is there granddaddy so avoid as much as you can.

Rating: 4.5 reels

Why you should watch it:

- a hilarious movie even after two decades since its inception

- contains the same drivel we see in comedic teen flicks today which means you would not need to use any I.Q. to enjoy it
Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- if you are sick of the same drivel we see in comedic teen flicks today which means it does not have any substance at all

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