The Grudge 3: Sneak Peek

Sam Raimi is a legendary film producer and director of horror films. He is most probably remembered for his "Evil Dead" and the "Darkman" series. This year, Raimi successfully released a hit with "Drag Me to Hell". A few months after "Drag Me to Hell", Raimi is set to showcase his producing talent with "The Grudge 3". See the synopsis after the jump


The curse is back to wreak more horror. But this time, someone holds the key to stopping it. Will she succeed in destroying the deadly curse forever?

Beginning shortly after the terrifying conclusion of The Grudge 2, the latest installment of the successful franchise tells the story of a family tormented by the legendary curse which has now firmly taken root in a Chicago apartment building.

The fate of Jake (Matthew Knight), the young boy who survived the slaughter of his family in the previous film, is revealed. Confined to an observation room in a psychiatric institution, Jake is traumatized and frightened to the core. He's convinced that he's next to die, a belief dismissed by Dr. Sullivan (Shawnee Smith). Left alone for the night, Jake is soon paid a visit, one with frightening and fatal results.

Back at the apartment building, a family struggles to get by. Lisa (Johanna Braddy – the upcoming “Fame” remake) has bright, teenage aspirations of life as a New York fashion designer, but the tragic grind of reality isn't making it easy. Her older brother, Max (Gil McKinney) is the building's manager, someone overwhelmed by the burden of caring for their chronically sick little sister, Rose (Jadie Hobson), and the departure of tenants spurred by the recent massacre.

When Dr. Sullivan pays a visit to investigate Jake's death, Lisa finds herself drawn into the mysterious circumstances surrounding his demise. As ghostly encounters unfold and people continue to die, Lisa discovers the gruesome truth behind the relentless curse born from a powerful rage. A curse that spreads with each victim. A curse that can't be stopped.

Or can it? Tracing the path of the connected deaths, Naoko (Emi Ikehata) travels from Japan with a bold plan to end the suffering, but she needs Lisa and Rose's help to do it.

As the evil tightens its grip and the brutal murders mount, the time finally comes to take a stand and face the horror in a life-or-death attempt to end the curse once and for all.

See how evil can haunt you the third time around in THE GRUDGE 3 as it creeps its way to theaters starting September 9. From Viva International Pictures.

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  1. whooooo
    I watched G2 and I was just gone crazy...I was frightened to walk in dark streets alone or go to the next room with lights switched off and this continued for 2-3 days...I haven't seen G3 and other movies of Sam but now I'm noting them down and soon watch them.


  2. Hi Sourav!

    You should see "Drag Me To Hell". It's not that scary but it is hell lot of fun to watch! Pure Sam Raimi at his best!

    We hope to hear from you soon!

  3. I am a fan of horror movies and I surely watch this movie when it was shown in theatres.

  4. Hi Tyrone!

    Yup! Catch it soon on theaters around the metro!