The Proposal: Movie Review

The first time team up of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is quite exciting, most especially that it’s been so long since we watched a truly memorable “romcom”. We couldn’t even remember the last great one we’ve seen! The Proposal and its trailer look very promising and we are hoping that it would be at par with our high expectations. Find out how we feel about it after the jump.

The story involves Margaret (Sandra Bullock), a strict and uptight editor who suddenly faces deportation as her visa in the United States gets rejected. She tells her bosses that this can’t happen as she is about to get married to none other than her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who hates her guts. He finally agrees to this as Margaret promises that she’ll grant him his long awaited promotion. They took a trip to Andrew’s hometown in order to convince immigration that they are indeed in a relationship.

We’re really not going to say that the movie was fantastic as it really was just okay. There is simply one thing lacking between the actors and that is the most important in any movie like this: spark. We thought that Sandra Bullock basically carried the whole movie and the movie could do well no matter who the leading man is (no offense to Ryan Reynolds). The story had a lot of potential but it totally bombed in the end as it leaves you unconvinced that the two actually love each other. Why is this so? Well simply because the whole love story revolved around the three days they were in Alaska? How would that convince anyone that they can actually marry after those three days? Nonetheless, the movie was full of scenes that would leave you laughing your heart out, props to the good supporting cast. However, there is nothing more shallow than the love story we have seen here.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- really funny, there was a lot of scenes that we haven’t seen in other RomCom movies
- as always, Sandra Bullock was brilliant, as she’s always been in these types of films

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- if you expect a touching love story, it would be better to watch other films instead
- very unconvincing love story between the two characters

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  1. it's more of a comedy film not a love story film for me.. a good film to see for a rainy afternoon

  2. hi godgets!

    Yup! The comedic sequences actually made the film very good but you cannot escape the fact that this is a romcom film. The poster and the title just says it all!

    We are glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment!