Tron: Underground Movie Review

After watching the trailer of "Tron Legacy", we were sparked to watch and review "Tron"- Tron Legacy's 27 year old dad. "Tron" in 1982 was a marvel to behold with it being one of the first films to highly use computer graphics for special effects. In fact, "Tron" was disqualified in the best special effects nomination because the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) deemed using computers a form of cheating - Funny right? Anyway, can "Tron" still bedazzle us almost three decades after its innovative release?

"Tron" stars Kevin Flynn(Jeff Bridges) who is a former employee of ENCOM. Kevin is trying to hack into ENCOM's system to find evidence of Ed Dillinger(David Warner) stealing his five games. These five games have catapulted ENCOM and Ed Dillinger to great heights. Unfortunately, due to Kevin's actions, Alan Bradley(Bruce Boxleitner) has lost access to his program named Tron. Kevin, Alan and Lora Baines(Cindy Morgan) have entered the ENCOM premises to gain fake passes to access Tron while also getting the evidence Kevin needs. Unfortunately for Kevin, the Master Control Program has beamed him up into the computer world to stop him from hacking the ENCOM network. Now, Kevin must literally fight against the Master Control Program to save his life.

Now amazingly, "Tron" still looks phenomenal after 27 years of gathering dust. Something inside us was mesmerized on how the heck they did these special effects during the Eighties. Of course do not expect state-of-the-art CGI but considering that the computers they had were extremely limited literally - this is almost god-like. What makes "Tron" really good is how it makes the geeky sound uber-cool and mainstream. You do not need to be into computers to have fun with this film but for those who are technically inclined, then this film is even better. The really big downer for this film is the simplistic story. The film also seems to be rushed and lacking and honestly, more could have been done in this department. Overall though, "Tron" is a rousing experience and after watching this, "Tron Legacy" just went up a notch on our to-watch list.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- makes computers a lot more fun
- it shows its age but considering this was 1984, this was and still amazing to look at

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the simplistic story was the main downer for us
- seems lacking and feels rushed

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  1. D-9 definitely has a lot going for it -- character development, great acting a at least a few people, awesome alien weapons; it felt a bit preachy at times at different times though

  2. this sounds like my kind of film. cant wait to see it

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack

  3. Hi Sean,

    We really don't get what "D-9" means! hehe! We hope you can get back to us what you meant by this!

    But "Tron" does get preachy a bit especially with the "users" concept.

    BTW, thanks!

  4. Hi Tina!

    Actually you can see it already. We are pretty sure your local video store or video rental has it! Maybe even streaming sites might have it!

    Anyway, we hope you could see this soon! Take care!

  5. One of my favorite movies, despite bad reviews and lack of background in the plot (among other problems), because of its revolutionary concept. By the way, the special effects look great for their age because they were NOT computer graphics. Computers simply didn't have the capability to do stuff like that then. All the scenes that look CGI were in fact animated by hand by the people at Disney and designed by conceptual artist Syd Mead. If you like the style, he has an amazing website.
    Tron had a deeper concept than just the mediocre and (let's face it) kind of poorly told story that impacts the world of today in a profound manner. Who controls your computer? You? Or is it the operating system, or its designers? Tron and Flynn fought for freedom of information as we know it today. It's mind boggling that someone thought about this almost 30 years ago; that it was a possibility a situation like that could occur.