Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Sneak Peek

This October, Hollywood A-List star Michael Douglas returns in "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt", a new film noir-inspired suspense thriller. The movie is a remake of the 1956 classic about an ambitious young journalist who investigates a corrupt district attorney named Mark Hunter believed to have successfully won a string of high-profile convictions by planting DNA evidence at crime scenes.

"Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" is distributed locally by Viva International Pictures and is set to premiere on October 7 nationwide. Read on to find out more about "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt"

To expose the DA for what he really is, Nichols sets himself up as a murder suspect by planting a trail of circumstantial evidence. But Hunter proves to be a more dangerous adversary than Nichols thought: dangerous and desperate, Hunter uncovers the plot and turns the tables on Nichols.Douglas plays the corrupt DA Hunter, with able support from Jesse Metcalfe as the young journalist CJ Nichols and Amber Tamblyn as the young Assistant DA Ella Crystal, who becomes Nichols’ ally in proving his innocence in the face of her boss’s allegations. Although it is a remake, Hyams gave the film a contemporary feel by using younger actors.

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