The Final Destination: Movie Review

The Final Destination series has already spawned three films since the first one came out in 2000. The series is known for its gruesome death scenes in which Death does everything in his power to kill a person as much as it is also known for its blatant predictability. Sad to say, our opinion is that the series should have stopped on the first film - you can only do so much which such a constrictive basic plot. The fourth film, "The Final Destination" hopefully proves our death wish wrong by showing that is isn't again a rehash of the first three films. Is "The Final Destination" worth another look? Read on to find out our verdict.

Nick (Bobby Campo) and Lori (Shantel VanSanten) are watching a NASCAR race with their friends at Mckinley Speedway when Nick suddenly gets a vision of a terrible race crash about to happen within minutes. He comes back to reality and as he begins seeing the events he dreamt of happening one by one, he decides to force his friends out of the speedway. His friends and a couple of other people watching get out of the speedway just in time. Days after, survivors of the crash start to die one by one. Hearing about the gruesome deaths of some of the survivors, Nick and Lori decide to do some research. They discover a pattern concerning the deaths and they must then decide how to break this chain before Death gets to all the survivors, including them.

So what now? Did "The Final Destination" exceed expectations? Apparently, we feel that the producers were more interested in squeezing out more money from the series than really making a quality film. If you have watched any of the three films before then you already watched this one - rehashed plot and ending are the keywords here. Gruesome deaths – yes, but will all the cuts made by our local film board here and there- why even bother? What boggles us it that the film already shows how one dies so why cut the next few seconds of gore fun? Also, Death seems to have run out of ideas how to kill these people. For example, we saw numerous times how oil was used as one of the causes of a person's death. We are really praying and hoping that this is the final destination for this series after watching this so-called "new" film.

Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- gory deaths abound (continued below)

Why you shouldn't watch it: - gory deaths abound but with lots of cuts that ruin the experience more
- the film has absolutely nothing new to offer. We say you stop watching the series after Devon Sawa’s version
- Death seems to have lost ideas on how to kill people creatively

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