Land of the Lost: Movie Review

Will Ferrell has enjoyed much success after he moved out of his Saturday Night Live (SNL) stint earlier this decade and ever since the day he decided not just to be a television star, the Ferrell mania just keeps rolling and rolling. Although we cannot say that all his films are masterpieces, it has always brought in a lot of big bucks. Well, the streak has ended with "Land of the Lost". The movie bombed out big time in the U.S. charts and yet, we still have a glimmer of hope that maybe this film is really spectacular deep inside - maybe something just got lost in translation for the U.S. audiences. Read on to find out if "Land of the Lost" is deserving of your attention.

Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is a scientist who hasn't gotten respect from anyone because of his belief in time warps. Three years after being kicked out of his science department, Rick finds himself teaching kids in a museum not until Holly Cantrel (Anna Friel) comes in his life. Holly is a big fan of Rick's ideas and convinces him that he should continue his work on the tachyon amplifier when she shows him a fossil with an imprint of his lighter. They go to the Devil's Cave to further investigate where the fossil rock was found. When the tachyon amplifier is turned on by Rick, they are taken to a parallel universe. Can they still go back to their world and what awaits them in the Land of the Lost?

We really feel for Will Ferrell in "Land of the Lost" because it is really bad. We did not enjoy watching this film. In summary, it should be a comedy, then why the hell are we struggling to stay awake in the middle of the film? The story is so out-of-this-world that it really feels forced. Anyone can force a story like this but it won't come out nice. Worse, the cuts from scene to scene are disconnected at a lot of segments making things worse. The acting was fine and typical Will Ferrell but honestly, we are getting a bit sick of his humor. Some people may like it but can he at least try to do something else? This film's title just shows how we feel for this film - it truly is from a "Land of the Lost" because we do not get it why this even got out of the drawing board. Please avoid at all costs!

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- some kids might enjoy the film some what but definitely a bore for most people

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- with "Kimmy Dora" just around the corner, this is not the film to watch if you really want to laugh
- the transitions were very convoluted
- the plot was very outlandish and feels forced
- we were so bored that we almost feel asleep and considering this should be funny

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