Management: Movie Review

Coming off the success of her past 2 films, “He’s Just Not that Into You” and “Marley and Me”, which were box office hits, I had high expectations from Jennifer Aniston's latest flick. However, after watching the film, it's not hard to see why this lackluster romantic comedy failed to be a hit in the US box office. The movie, though sweet and quirky, is just not the typical mainstream rom-com that we usually enjoy.

“Management” chronicles the love story between Mike (Steve Zahn), the small-town guy who works as the nigh manager for his parents’ Arizona motel/motor inn, and Sue (Jennifer Aniston), the successful saleswoman who sells corporate artwork. They meet when Sue stays at the motel where Mike works during one of her business trips. Sue leaves such a lasting impression on Mike during her 2 night stay that he ends up following her cross-country to Minnesota. Throughout the film, he continues to chase after Sue despite her rebukes and her decision to get back with her ex-boyfriend Jango (Woody Harrelson). With his Asian sidekick, Al, he tries to woo Sue by jumping from an airplane into her pool, singing to her from outside her window, and other antics. Will Sue finally be selfish for once and follow her heart instead of what she thinks is right?

The movie, as a whole, was quite entertaining. For us who were stressed out from the office, it was a great de-stresser as there were several laugh-out-loud scenes and sweet moments. On the other hand, there were times when the comedic scenes felt forced as if the movie was trying too hard to be funny. No one was laughing despite it being obvious that it was what the film makers were aiming for. In addition, there was no chemistry between the two lead actors making it difficult to create a believable connection. In a rom-com, the chemistry has to be palpable and has to jump off the screen to make viewers believe that the characters are in love. In this case, even after they got together, I was left wondering if Mike and Sue were really meant for each other.

If you’re looking for a classic romantic comedy, this isn’t the movie for you. It’s not exactly romantic in the traditional sense especially with Mike’s seemingly stalkerish tendencies and is not high on the comedic scale either. It’s definitely not a rom-com that will be a favorite for years to come but it’s not a complete loser either. If you do decide to watch this, go in without expectations. Maybe at the end, even if you didn’t enjoy it as rom-com, you’ll have come out learning to love yourself a little more.

Rating: 3 reels

This review was written by Jan. Jan is currently working as an IT Consultant for a multinational company. She also co-owns the online store Bounce ( which sells home improvement items, environmental bags, fashionable wallets and soon, travel organizers.

Thanks to Viva International Pictures for letting us into the premiere of "Management". Catch "Management" on all cinemas starting September 9, 2009.

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