A Nightmare on Elm Street: Trailer Sneak Peek

Freddy Krueger probably caused a lot of 80s born people to become insomniacs because Freddy killed you in your sleep. Almost two decades after the phenomenon of Freddy Krueger was created by Wes Craven, a remake is being set for an April 30, 2010 release to scare a new generation. At the helm is Jackie Earle Haley who played Rorschach in "Watchmen". This film will also be produced by Michael Bay and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

To catch an exclusive sneak peek of the remake, please refer to the trailers below:
Low Quality
Medium Quality
High Quality

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  1. What has happened to Hollywood and the originality that came from the talented group of writers in LA? Do we really need to continue to drag out the classic films and remake them for today's audience? Nightmare on Elm Street is yet another attempt for Hollywood to capitalize on bringing those to the box office in a "quick fix" for cash with minimal effort at coming up with a fresh new idea of their own story line. An attempt at originality did happen when SAW first came out but how many SAW films do we have to make to try to gross out the audience. Nightmare messed and messes with your mind. It kept people up late afraid to go to sleep. A film that stays with you and screws with your mind as Nightmare does is what these so called wrtiers should strive to obtain.

  2. @ dngrusgrl, actually saw was not a fresh idea from Hollywood but a couple Australian looking to get their idea brought to the big screen. They didn't find anyone to produce their movie down under so they came to America.

  3. saw the film. Was a completely new storyline to the old classic. was not just a quick fix like the newest friday the 13th.

  4. I am really inpressed with the way this turned out. I'm not a Michael Bay fan, but this was really good. The actor was great, the spin-off plot was great. It was creepy as hell, and they did a new twist of Freddy's backstory that made him 10 times more disturbing. I'm so buying it when it comes out.

  5. I have not seen the movie yet but I have to say that redoing the classics did not bother me at first until I noticed how Halloween 2 was. I am a huge Rob Zombie fan but part two was awful. Nothing like I would ever imagine doing to it. I know it is in his own way but it was still a little silly to me. As for Freddy I have no problem with a remake as long as it is good and sticks to the story line. It is ok to add stuff as long and it sounds good and fits. I am going to see it today so we will see!

  6. Weakest story line ever. Zero character development. Just when you start to identify with one.. boom dead.. on to the next. not even worth an illegal download.

  7. no robert englund. no money out my pocket to go see it. i can tell by his face its not robert. i can tell by his voice its not robert. no robert = whack freddy. looks like theres pretty cool scary parts in the film....i dunno it just doesnt go over well with me. like i said. no robert = whack freddy. shame on them for making a freddy film an no gettin englund to do it. or shame on england for not takin the part. though he is getting up there in age so i dunno. its not my type of movie anymore without him in it

  8. i havent seen the movie yet but am going to see it tomorrow, the trailers look awesome, and looks quite creepy tbh, but there is one small factor that lets it down for me and thats the absence of robert englund, he was born to play freddy and should be the only one to do it, but i suppose everyone needs to pass the torch!!!