Year One: Movie Review

Even without the hype of most comedies released in the past few months, “Year One” is still one of the films we were looking forward to seeing because of the Jack Black-Michael Cera team up. We were curious how hilarious this film would be especially that these two actors have different styles when it comes to cracking up the audience. Jack Black has proven his comedic prowess over and over through his silly antics, dancing tricks and witty line delivery. Michael Cera’s charm on the other hand works as he portrays a more subdued comedy – always the innocent, nerdy, schoolboy-ish character. Would they even mix well? Read after the jump.

The setting is in a prehistoric village where Zed (Jack Black) finds himself disliked by the village people as he appears to be a very useless hunter. After getting kicked out of the village, Oh (Michael Cera) decides to come with him and the two embark on an adventure to discover a world apart from their small tribe. They meet Old Testament characters along the way namely Cain, Abel, Abraham and Isaac. They find out that their old tribe members are bought and taken to Sodom as slaves. They must now rescue their old pals before the wrath of God falls upon Sodom.

We aren’t exactly angry with how the movie turned out because we’ve seen far worse movies than this. However, we couldn’t fully describe how much a failure this movie is for us. First, it is a far waste of talent. The two actors are as always brilliant but they can only do so much with poor material. There are very few instances wherein they made us laugh out loud but there were definitely more times wherein we laughed out of frustration. Second, we couldn’t believe how Harold Ramis allowed very bad writing to come into play. After all, he is the brilliant mind behind “Groundhog Day”! Maybe he ran out of ideas? No one can tell. The biblical-themed storyline had a lot of potential but you might just end up just wishing that you just stayed at home and watched HBO instead.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- good acting as always from Jack Black and Michael Cera. They had good chemistry going on between them
- you might enjoy the spoof of the Old Testament characters and events

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- very lame script; the two could do much more if only given good material
- waste of time and money

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