Double Unlimited from Sun Cellular - Have a Landline Anywhere, Anytime.

How many times have you struggled to either wait for that crucial call you have been waiting for all day long or just leave the house and watch a movie? Now, with Sun Double Unlimited 249, you’ll always have your landline with you anywhere you go - even inside the cinema. Read more to find out about this new service from Sun Cellular.

Sun Double Unlimited 249 houses two communication services in just one SIM: a Sun Cellular Mobile Postpaid line and a SunTel Wireless Landline! This exciting treat is open to new and existing Sun Cellular Postpaid subscribers. For existing subscribers, you’ll only need to add P249 on top of your monthly bill. To activate, choose between two very easy ways. Call *738# or text SDU(space)ON and send to 2738 and follow the instructions.

For non-Sun subscribers, you may enjoy Sun Double Unlimited for as low as P599 per month ALL IN by subscribing to any Sun Cellular Postpaid plan and enrolling to Sun Double Unlimited via call or SMS. Corporate accounts may also enroll to this latest offer. Enrollment will be processed on a per company basis. Just get in touch with your account manager.

Sun Double Unlimited is initially available in the National Capital Region (NCR) only. For further inquiries with regard to this new great product, call the Sun Cellular Hotline at 200 from your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline. You may visit any Sun Shop within NCR region. You may also log on to

Through Sun Double Unlimited, you will have your own landline on your mobile phone! Seamless and reliable connection, more meaningful conversations and more efficient connectivity in your personal and professional life.



  1. Definitely a great deal.thanks for the heads up!A lot of my friends and family members are SUN-users.

  2. Hi there,

    We totally agree with how great a deal this is especially for those loyal to Sun!

  3. oh, and I heard, when you register to this one now, your virtual landline number will correspond to the last 4 digits of your mobile phone. (e.g. if I'm 0922-8863647, my landline will be, 347-3647) pretty neat, right? :p

  4. Thanks for this information a great help.. I immediately call SUN CELLULAR to avail their service promo.

  5. Sun cellular offered me a landline account bundled with my mobile account. Im glad. Im going to terminate my pldt landline+ whoot whoot..!

  6. hello me i need to get this also but my sun sim is blocked now so i need to buy a new one. or i need to have a plan in sun?? me