G-Force: Movie Review

Another film with talking animals? Honestly speaking, we are kind of sick of them. When we first heard of rodents as super spy agents, we definitely had big question marks above our heads. After how "G-Force" performed though in the Hollywood charts a few months back, we are having second thoughts. Maybe "G-Force" shouldn't be judged merely by its main protagonists alone. Well, read on to find out if "G-Force" will shatter our judgement.

The G-Force is a team of specially trained animals (three guinea pigs and a mole) who are hoping to be officialy a part of the FBI. They are experts in espionage operations, complete with special earpieces that allow them to talk to humans. Ben (Zach Galifianakis), the head of the team, reports that the FBI is planning to shut them the team down the next day. Ben decides to send G-Force in an unauthorized mission to retrieve data from a closely monitored industrialist, Leonard Saber. If the mission is a success, the team will be saved. However, Ben finds his team shut down and its members delivered to a pet store when the data they retrieved turned out to be "wrong". It is up to the team to escape and stop Saber before it’s too late for the human race.

As expected, "G-Force" won't wow you at all. It is your typical kiddie-themed spy film. The film did not bring anything new on the table but at least it did not do that bad either. "G-Force" surprisingly was an enjoyable film because of the very simple plot and fast-paced movement of the film. Sometimes action equates to fun. Unfortunately, on the comedic end, "G-Force" was sub-par. Punch line after punch line was a total fail as most of them were really corny. "G-Force" will be loved by the kids definitely but most adults might want to bring down their optimisms by a lot. Ending on a final note, "G-Force" was not a spectacular film but it definitely exceeded our preconceptions of it.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- kids will really love this for sure but for adults not so much
- fast-paced action won’t bore you much

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- story is very typical of spy films albeit the protagonists now are rodents
- punch lines did not bring much oomph - a total fail on the comedic end of the film

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